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Easy Steps to download video from KissAnime

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KissAnime is everything-anime. This is the go-to option for anime lovers looking for free source of entertainment online. The free streaming website hosts endless collection of anime from all genres. The website features millions of page views on everyday basis. One of the largest free streaming platforms in the world, KissAnime is also popular for being targeted for copyright infringement.

Why use KissAnime?

KissAnime is not just a platform to watch free anime. This website offers great source of wholesome entertainment for its fans. KissAnime websites makes money by running popup ads. If you are not bothered by these ads then KissAnime is the ultimate source for watching HD quality anime series online.

Further, there are lots of other free services available on the website. It makes the website highly addictive and one of the top 250 most visited website in the USA. If you are into ad-free streaming, then look for other streaming alternatives. In contrast, if you are crazy anime lover who simply wants to save money and don’t get bothered with pop-ups then try out KissAnime right now.

How to download Videos from KissAnime: Easy Steps

The free streaming website hosts lots of anime content and makes money via advertisement. This simply means that one has to deal with slow browsing speeds, unexpected pop up ads and confusing steps to download a video. But, don’t get disheartened because the ultimate guide is here. Follow these few simple steps mentioned below and you will get to know how easy it is to download videos from KissAnime.

  • The first and most important step is to register on KissAnime. Registration process is important from the view point of creators because they are doing their business in the online world. Don’t worry it’s an easy and seamless process to register on the website. Enter your simple information and in no time you will be registered.
  • Registration process takes no time, but as an alternative you can use the bookmark feature if you don’t want to register on KissAnime.
  • The next step is to use the credentials you just created by registering. Enter the credentials for logging in the website.
  • After login, you can select the anime you want to download. Simply click on the link and you will be prompted to answer the CAPTCHA. Submit your answer to go to the next step.
  • Now, there are two options, default Beta Server and Rapid Video. You need to make one choice; it is suggested to click the Rapid Video option.
  • The “Click Here to Download” button will now appear. Click on it, select the video quality and the video will start to download on your device.

Is it safe and legal?

KissAnime is the most popular anime website of the world. The website hosts pirated content which makes it illegal. But still the website is offering endless entertainment to anime lovers from across the globe. Browsing the KissAnime content is up to you because it’s your ISP that may ban you from accessing its pirated services.

The website is safe and reliable source to stream anime series. Despite of the video content that is totally safe and reliable, you need to be aware of the pop-ups ads and third party links. These links may be injected with malware and other digital threats. Being alert about not clicking any such links can make your streaming experience totally safe and smooth.

KissAnime Apps, Games and everything you should know about

KissAnime Android App: Watch high quality anime videos on the go. You can enjoy the unlimited anime entertainment on your mobile devices by installing the KissAnime Android App. Download the app from PlayStore and start streaming whatever you want.

KissAnime App for IOS:  People with IOS devices can also have fun watching nonstop high quality anime from the website. All you need is to download the KissAnime app from AppStore.

KissAnime TV App: In this digital age, it is becoming a reality to watch your favorite TV shows anytime you want. The website is not just available for your computer or mobile. You can watch the awesome content on your large screen TV by using the KissAnime App. Download the app on your Android powered smart TV and enjoy endless collection anytime you want right on your large TV screens.

Note: Don’t have an Android powered smart TV? No worries, you can also enjoy the videos on your TV screen with help of HDMI cables.

Also, there is a game series for anime lovers. The only requirement is to download Flash Player. There are hundreds of amazing games available on the website.


KissAnime is one of the largest streaming websites that host illegal content but that doesn’t stop it from running. The site is up and still running. The content collection is huge and there is something for everyone on the website. From anime shows, movies to games and other exciting stuff. Browse the ultimate destination for all thing anime.

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