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Easy tips to get better at Pokémon showdown

pokemon showdown

Pokémon Showdown is the ultimate battle simulator that is loved by users all over the world. Definitely it’s not just for kids nowadays. In fact, it might be difficult for beginners to get success. If the showdown is looking complicated to you then you are at the right place. We will tell where to start and how to get better with some easy tips and trick to play.

What is Pokémon Showdown?

The web based project is made available in the year 2012. Since then it has become one of the most entertaining battle simulators of all time. The next level of entertainment comes from playing this game online with other users. You can also enjoy its downloadable client to play Pokémon Showdown solo on your personal computer.

Why is it so popular?

Firstly, the popularity of Pokémon needs no introduction. It has already completed two decades in the entertainment industry. Fans of Pikachu are already celebrating the completion of 800+ episodes and more than 18 movies made on Pokémon.

Secondly, Pokémon Showdown is the first simulator where viewers can enjoy animated battles. The best thing about this game series is that it allows the users to either create their own team or play with a randomly generated list of Pokemons.

Some easy tips to play Pokémon Showdown

Beginners can also enjoy this ultimate game series without any complications. The game itself is developed in a way that anyone who is unaware of where to start can also fight battles and can get wholesome entertainment.

Here are some tips to help you understand how this game works. Follow them and in no time you will get better at Pokémon Showdown:

  • Customize the settings: Customization is a great feature for beginners. Set it according to your preference so that the game looks less confusing to you. To change the avatar, background, animations and chat preferences you can find customization settings in the main menu.
  • Tips for login: The first step is to create an account. On the home page, click on the upper right corner on the button “choose name option on next page”. From here you will be prompted to register and create password. Once the registration is done, you can login easily. Click on the “Battle” button to enjoy the unlimited fun with your team of favorite Pokémon.
  • Some useful commands: Beginners must know these practical commands to quickly get better in the game.
  • General Commands: Use Ladder command to change your ranking on the ladder. Away command helps you to ignore all the challenges in the game. Make use of Tour Join and Tour Leave commands to leave or join any tournament. Similarly, Reply command is also useful because it sends your message to the last person with whom you had a conversation.
  • Room Commands:  Mute and Warn commands are helpful in rooms because they mute a user for 7 minute or warn them. Use the Forcename command to ask any user to change their name. Redirect is also a useful command that you can use to direct any user to another room. One more helpful command is Kickbattle, use it to kick any user in the battle.
  • Other Miscellaneous Commands: Apart from the general commands, you can use some of these other commands to get better in the game quickly. For instance, Weak, Intro, Analysis, Declare, Promote, Demote, Force Tie, Force Win, Leader etc. All these commands are specially your help to make the game easier for the beginners, so try them out.
  • Tips for creating Pokémon Showdown team: To win the battles, you must know about the capabilities of the Pokémons. Pikachu is powerful and aggressive that is loved by everyone.  Apart from it, other important showdown team members can be Mewto, Charizard, Mew, Misty, Ash, and May. All of these have some special abilities which can help you become a pro at the battle.
  • How to unblock Pokémon Showdown: In the locked game it is not possible for users to challenge their friends. It’s quite frustrating when you can’t challenge them. Don’t worry, if your account is locked follow these handy trips to enjoy the game and challenge your friends:
    1. VPN software is your ultimate answer to unblock Pokémon Showdown. You need to buy premium services and the blocked sites will be accessed easily.
    2. Sometimes, it is a possibility that your IP addressing is restricting you from accessing the blocked sites. It is important to have an IP address to play the game. To unblock your account, skip IP address and access the game directly.


Pokémon Showdown is getting overwhelming response from people of all age groups. The online battle simulator is loved unconditionally because of the highly famous Pokémon. Beginners can also play this game easily by creating their own team and by using some tips and commands.

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