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EBOLA Global Threat: US Citizens extremely worried

Those all who have been tracking the developments of Mr. Thomas Duncan Ebola patient in Dallas Texas will know the coming few days are crucial. Thomas Duncan was diagnosed on 28th of the last month suffering from Ebola and with a general incubation period of 10 days the coming few days would be vital to see if the virus has spread or not. 10 people who are assumed to be at high risk are under constant check of the health department and no one has till date shown any signs of Ebola. Countries are worried about the outspread of EBOLA specially the US nationals given the fact Mr. Duncan was sent back from hospital when the hospital couldn’t shortlist him as a possible EBOLA patient and was for 2 days out in the open. Many people are still confused on the possible ways virus could spread, I have shared the same information on symptoms and causes in my previous articles however lets again go through what could be the possible ways virus could spread. Transmission of Bodily fluids is the cause of EBOLA Virus and virus just cannot sink in to your body through your skin. Virus is transmitted generally through Nose, cut on the body, Needle and mouth. More than half of the people in the scanner for a possible transmission through Mr. Duncan are health workers who have been handling him. More than one third of the total deaths reported have also been that of health workers who have been taking care of the patients. Poor healthcare facilities in regions like Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea has been the major cause of virus spread in the country. Treatments are carried out at homes without proper medical equipment’s due to which the family or close ones become highly prone to catching the virus. So the chances of spreading were high and it is reflecting in the country’s patient statistics. The American journalist undergoing treatment in US is said to have caught the virus when he was disinfecting a car used to carry an Ebola patient. The American journalist is being treated at the Nebraska health center at United States and his condition is said to be critical. The American journalist was working with a Non-Government organization and has been working in Liberia since 4 years. His condition is assumed to be critical and is being handled by a team 0f 40 individuals at medical facilities in United State


By: Manu Arora

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