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Ebola Virus: 2014 Outbreak

The first case of EBOLA came down in a small forest area in Guinea in December 2013 where a 2 year old kid was infected with the virus. The virus then moved on to take many more lives in the coming months. By March 6 in Sierra Leone and 8 cases in Liberia of the deadly virus had been reported. There was no stopping for the virus from then, by June Death toll had risen to around 450 and people were abandoning patients to avoid going into a quarantine zone. Later Half of the year saw the virus traveling globally with people dying in Nigeria, United States, Mali, France and many other countries. As of date approximate figures of death toll stand at 9,177 where as the cases reported approximately around 23,000.


The number of weekly cases reported has just shot up 2nd week in a row after a long constant haul of the virus. After glimmers of good hopes it looks like worrying signs are back. This comes as a matter of concern to authorities around guinea and Sierra Leone as the increase is happening after a very long constant decrease. The figures in January were pretty good with less than 100 cases reported in the last week of January 2015 from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

images (1)In a recent development scientists are analyzing blood samples to look for a possible mutation cycle between the viruses.  Generally viruses like these have a very high rate of mutation that makes them contagious and adaptable. With cases being reported where patients have not been showing any symptoms of the disease is a matter of concern for the health authorities.

These asymptotic cases make the spread easy as patient can not be identified and will make it very difficult to develop a quarantine zone. Mutations might lead to a change in genetic sequencing of the virus probably making it less effective against the vaccination. However the concerns are still in the shadow and researches are being carried out to have a proper insight before coming to any conclusions.

 Malian authorities and WHO have declared the epiedemic over in Mali as no case of the virus has been reported since 46 days. The last EBOLA case tested negative in December 6 2014. The poor situation in the west African countries acted as a dampener to control the epidemic. An estimate can be drawn from the figure that US has 245 doctors for 10,000 people where as guinea has ten.

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