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EBOLA VIRUS: Texas patient in serious condition

In one of the recent developments on Ebola, Mr. Thomas Duncan living in a flat in Texas who caught Ebola in native Liberia is now in serious condition in hospital. People under monitoring for possibly being infected by virus in relation to the Texas patient have been reduced from 50 to 10. Efforts to prevent the spread of disease have become stricter with the Duncan family showing weakness and body fatigue, a special health department team has been sent to the spot to sanitize the entire premises. All those 50 affected will be monitored on daily basis by the Dallas health department, 10 people were said to be at high risk however what exactly constituted high risk was not defined.

The flat and car in possession with Mr. Duncan is being sanitized by hazardous material and the family is being moved to a private home offered by a volunteer. The 4 people living in the flat were Louise troh a 13 year old Kid and Mr.Duncans nephew all are being moved to a private home. Leaving Mr. Duncan 4 more US citizens have been diagnosed with the EBOLA virus 3 medical aid workers working in Liberia and a photojournalist.

Mr. Duncan arrived in United States about 10 days ago and is in serious condition with barely able to speak. He is seemed to cause the disease while driving a patient to the clinic in Liberia. Ebola has killed more than 3000 patients with cases more than 7000 reported.


By: Manu Arora

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