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EC dismisses Dhinakaran’s plea for more time in AIADMK symbol case

In a setback to sidelined AIADMK leader TTV Dhinakaran, the Election Commission (EC) today rejected his plea wherein he had asked for 15 days of additional time to submit relevant affidavits in connection with the AIADMK symbol dispute. The EC made it clear to Dhinakaran that the hearing in the case would be initiated as per the earlier scheduled date of October 6. The last date for submitting the affidavits was September 29. All parties and people concerned were asked to submit all their relevant affidavits and documents by September 29. The hearing in the AIADMK symbol dispute case will begin on October 6. Speaking about the EC’s decision, an election official said, “The EC has rejected the request of TTV Dhinakaran for extension of time for submission of documents and hearing. Therefore, the hearing will be held on October 6 as scheduled.”

Till now, it looks like a war of documents, since all the factions of AIADMK have together submitted a staggering 10 lakh papers to the EC. Each faction is staking claim to the AIADMK symbol and is doing everything they can to get it officially. Whichever faction gets the party symbol will automatically have an upper hand in the elections, as the masses recognize symbols more than anything else. The EC has been directed by the Madras High Court to resolve the symbol dispute before October 31. Currently, the symbol has been frozen by the EC and no faction has ownership of it.

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