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eCell NSIT,  the Entrepreneurship Cell of Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology – recently ranked as the best eCell throughout the Delhi University, aims at having potential entrepreneurs along with building a strong team with unmatched work ethics. We envision a society of self-motivated individuals, kernelled with constructive and intense entrepreneurial drive.

Organizing Workshops and Guest Lectures periodically is how we function as a guide for students who have immense zeal to convert their ideas into an enterprise. In addition to this, we host our annual fest named eSummit to promote entrepreneurship that is plated practically to expose the participants to the competitive aura in a motivating manner.

eCell came up with its inaugural Entrepreneurial Summit (E-Summit) from 6th-7th February, 2016. With an enormous footfall of about 3000, the event turned out to be a total success with its aim to provide the budding entrepreneurs an opportunity, to showcase their theoretical business knowledge, and expertise which would, hence, sharpen their presentation skills to global business situations.

With a large participation of around 50 to 60 teams, the brainstorming challenges tested the participants over four necessary parameters- Passion, Dedication, Spontaneity and Authenticity.

eSummit 2017 has got successfully kick started with events like ‘DEC Round 1’ and other online events. Hereafter, we expect to have a footfall of 3500+ in the second edition of eSummit, which, in itself tells a lot about the host organization and their working style.

Following are the event details which are supposed to take place in eSummit 2017:

1.  Startup Wars- The Mind Awakens: The participants will have to come up with a compelling solution to the assigned problem, in addition to this, they will have to draft a start- up model for the same. Hence, providing them with an experience of coming up with an idea in a go and scaling it further.

2.  InstaSeed-The 10 Minute Funding: In InstaSeed, each participating team will be given a chance to present their innovative business concept to a panel of investors within 10 minutes and grab a chance to get funded.

3.  Global Strategy-Countering Rising Conundrums: This is an event combining aspects of MUN and entrepreneurship in a refreshing way. The teams will have to devise a start-up as a counter measure to the assigned global scenario and fill the details in a given business canvas model.

4.   Bellwether-The Perfect Manager: This event tests participants, based on how well they manage crisis situations, and thus how good a manager one is!

5.  Unravel- The Case Study Competition: Designed to test a person’s limit of perseverance and enthusiasm, through extensive business scenarios and phenomena, and the brilliant solutions deduced for them.

6.  Marketing Maestro:  Out of the virtual money given, the participants will be required to make the best marketing plan from the budget allotted and beat other teams with bells on!

7. Informal Events: To satisfy the fun loving squad, eSummit, 2017 will also host an exquisite series of Informal Events. Events like Bazinga, Techopedia, Be the Bappi and a lot more are lined up for the same!

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