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Economic Blockade To Continue In Manipur: United Naga Council

The United Naga Council (UNC) will continue its indefinite economic blockade as the tripartite talks failed to break the logjam.

The UNC is against the creation of new seven districts in Manipur as they believe it will impact the local Naga residents negatively.

Economic Blockade, United Naga Council, UNC, Manipur

The economic blockade and road jam have been enforced in Manipur since November 1, 2016 by UNC. It alleges that all the stakeholders of Naga community were not consulted before taking any such decision of creating new districts.

Manipur has assembly election scheduled for March 4, 2017.

The Manipur government has refused to roll back any decision due to election commission’s enforced Model Code of Conduct. The next meeting is scheduled for March 25. 

UNC said that they have right to their lands as per Article 371 (2) of the Constitution. He also said that “Land is inseparable to the Nagas’ identity, traditions and culture, and thus we reject the creation of the seven districts.”

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