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EdTrIn agrees collaboration with serious games specialist, Media Saints Innovation

Graeme Coomber, CEO of EdTrInEdTrIn, the publicly listed platform for online education (NSX: ETG), has signed a non-exclusive Memorandum of Understanding with Media Saints Innovation, the Australia-based provider of strategic consultancy, along with research and development (R&D) on innovative digital and technical solutions for e-learning content.

 Media Saints, a leading digital consultancy focussed on serious games, e-learning, R&D and strategy, and EdTrIn have agreed to co-operate with a view to establishing a partnership agreement for the delivery of global e-learning systems. In particular, the two organisations have agreed to become partners in the delivery of:

  • Education and training programs to customers in global markets
  • Consultancy services to establish education and training infrastructures and logistics for EdTrIn’s customers in global markets
  • Software infrastructures to help EdTrin and its partners develop e-learning content

Furthermore, Victoria-based Media Saints, which also trades as SOOBFT and Searcharoo Pty Ltd, has agreed to provide EdTrin with R&D and production services for serious games, interactive activities, along with underlying intelligent gamified systems.

Commenting on the agreement with Media Saints, EdTrIn’s CEO, Graeme Coomber, said: “As a pioneer in the field of providing lifelong education and training services to global markets – catering for the needs of learners, organisations and Governments – it’s important for EdTrIn to be at the forefront of online learning technologies development.

“Gamification is a key – and growing – trend in this market. Media Saints’ experience and expertise should help EdTrIn establish its place at the head of this trend globally.”

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