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EdTrIn prepares for stock market listing in Australia and Germany

Following the success of technology companies listing on the Australian National Stock Exchange (NSX), EdtrIn Group, the platform for online education, is preparing for listing on this exchange.

 A recent Australian Financial Review article dedicated to new listing companies stated that EdTrIn ‘is expected to generate significant interest in the market’. Indeed, the listing in Australia has already been oversubscribed – with more people than is necessary being willing to invest for the initial listing.

EdTrIn’s CEO, Graeme Coomber, commented: “The NSX has reciprocal arrangements with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. So, following EdTrIn’s floatation in Australia, it will also be listed in Frankfurt.

 “EdTrIn is a delivery and marketing platform for demand side education, training and innovation development which can provide thousands of learning programmes to millions of learners,” said Graeme. “We believe that EdTrIn’s business model is unique within the e-learning market.

 “Our medium-term goal is to be servicing the lifetime learning needs of 1m people within three years. This means that we’ll be helping these people to manage their learning needs from their early adult years to retirement.”

 According to Graeme, EdTrIn already has agreements in place to deliver education and training materials, via various online learning technologies, to those living in urban and remote areas in the Asia-Pacific region as well as the Middle East.

 “Already, the world market for education is $4.4tr annually,” he said. “That’s more than the world’s total expenditure on armaments and software combined.

 “And, with the growth in the world’s population, as well as an increasingly highly competitive global marketplace, there’s every likelihood that this expenditure on education will continue to grow,” he added.

A few months ago, EdTrIn opened its Australian Education Development and Operational Headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, to market online learning technologies and materials to the Asia-Pacific market – especially to China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.

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