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Effect on social media

Social media as everyone knows that it is a website that allows social interaction. Social media is growing rapidly throughout the world. Most adult and teenagers are joining sites like Facebook, instagram, twitter and many more.  Teenagers now a days are busy with social media that sometimes we forget ours major duties. Sometimes we misused our social media by focusing on it rather than putting more effort in our major or important work. There are two types of effect in social media i.e; Positive and Negative effect.

Positive effect:

  1. Social media can be use to educate people: It makes it very easy to the people in this present world, where as if a student is asked to do assignment or any work regarding education, we can just easily go to google and type whatever we want and just get the answers.
  2. Showcase our talent: We can showcase our talent through social media example like you tube , we can just make the channel and put our videos. If we’re good at singing or dancing then make a video and put it on you tube.
  3. Online shopping: Social media is making our life very easy as we also have the online shopping where we can just sit at home and buy something just by using our phone.
  4. Social media as a voice: we can also say our different opinions on different things and let the world knows about that by putting or uploading it on different media like facebook and many more.

Negative effect:

  1. Cyberbullies have used this to their advantages by threatening people anonymously by calling them names or by sometimes by telling them to not show up at school, or to die or end up killing themselves .
  2. We have all heard about the popular online game the so called blue whale, where it causes or ruin the life of many teenagers and most of them end up by killing themselves because of the fear they have that might cause trouble to their parents.
  3. Sometimes we misused our social media by spending too much time on it, not on important things but on things that won’t give us any benefit .We misused by wasting too much time on facebook, instagram, and many more on chating which doesn’t give us any benefit.

Social media is base on how we use it, be it for our education and betterment or just to waste our time on things that won’t give us benefit.

By: Mary AssumptaWriang

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