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Effective ways to clean and maintain your marble countertops


When it comes to construction of floorings or wall claddings, use of marble has always occupied a special place. Be it a newly constructed space or that undergoing refurbishing, customers have always preferred installation of Bianco Carrara marble worktop over other kinds of stones or natural material. Marble countertops and worktops have always found favour among European people owing to the stone’s glaze and classic look. However, marble countertops cost more than others and involve additional expenses in yearly maintenance. This is because of the stone’s porous nature that makes it prone to blemishes, etching and staining, thus, resulting in discolouration of the stone and fading of its natural grace. 

Maintaining your marble countertops

Caring for your Bianco Carrara marble countertops and maintaining them may not be as arduous as it looks. In fact, a little bit of awareness can ensure that the stone retains its natural hue that explains its reflective properties. We have shared below certain tips that would go a long way in sustaining the look of marble countertops for many years to come. Some of them are:

  • Choose the right sealing agent: Sealing the surface of marble ensures that stains do not affect the stone deeply though they do not help to make it completely stain-free. Not just any sealant will do. The right choice of sealing agent will not only keep away the spills, but ensure efficient cleaning of unforeseen mess.
  • Protect against anything citric: Avoid keeping anything that is sour in nature, because of the presence of citric acid, directly on the marble worktop in your kitchen. This means acidic vegetables like tomatoes and lemons must be cut on coasters and cutting boards. Wipe off spills of vegetable juice, citrus fruits, soft drinks or alcohol to avoid corrosion.
  • Select your cleansing agent wisely: Use a mild detergent or a stone soap to clean your marble countertops regularly. Avoid using abrasive cleansing agents, alkaline washing soaps or any cleansing materials containing bleach combined with ammonia. Rinse the countertops with clean water and ensure that you dry them after rinsing with water. To avoid staining your countertops, take care to wipe away spills of oils, sprays or any acidic liquids.
  • Spot treatment: Do not scratch away spots or stains. Use poultice paste to spread on the stain, cover the same with plastic and allow it to dry. After the paste has dried, scrape it off and wipe the countertop with a cloth dampened with clean water. If you have inadvertently scratched the surface of your marble countertop while removing the stains, you may consider buffing it with a soft cloth to retain its original polish.
  • Avoiding scratches: Bianco Carrara marble worktops installed mostly in kitchens and pantries of homes or offices suffer scratches on exposure to high temperatures or sharp objects. Avoid place hot utensils or dishes directly on the marble countertops; instead, use a heat absorbent pad underneath them. Plates, utensils and other sharp objects like forks and knives must be put on placemats to avoid scratching the surface.

  Summary: It is not difficult to maintain marble countertops given their texture and sheen. A little bit of care and caution can ensure that the stone retains its pristine nature that lends it a luxurious feel.

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