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eJOHRI empowers jewellers with first-of-its-kind jewellery photography app, eJPHOTO

 The innovative iOS native app is available for free to the registered jewellers of eJOHRI

22, September, 2020: India’s largest omnichannel marketplace for jewellery, eJOHRI has launched a high-quality, industry-centric photography app, eJPHOTO for its jeweller partners. Leveraging cutting-edge technology of the iOS native app, the subscribed eJOHRI jewellers can now take high-quality photos of the ornaments without any professional help and upload them on their e-stores using the touch-of-a-button experience. The latest launch is aligned with the brand’s commitment to empower Indian jewellers and improve the productivity and efficiency of the entire industry.

eJPHOTO addresses one of the biggest challenges in digitization of jewellery revolving around high photography costs, immense precision, and significant editing time provided the light and reflection issues while working with the gemstones and shiny metals. It is worth noting that the pictures of 200-250 jewellery products and designs generally take 15-20 days of editing time. The easy-to-use app eliminates lighting-based issues and hence the need for a highly-skilled photographer. It makes the photography and editing time negligible.

The app resolves the biggest obstacle for the jewellers in going online. With this, jewellers can now place the jewellery item in the LED box, adjust the app light setting, take the picture, enter product description, and upload the picture online on the same day. The hassle-free experience is allowing more than 200 jewellers today to market and sell their products worldwide on the same day. Since eJPHOTO is a native iOS app, the brand is also offering iPhone X at subsidized rates with eJOHRI subscription to extend the facility to the existing and new jewellers.

The app also helps customers access a plethora of designs on a single online portal, thereby generating higher engagement. A quick upload of multiple products in a day is allowing the brand to scale at large by increasing the number of jewellers and SQAs.

Speaking on the launch, Jitandra Singh, Co-founder and CEO at eJOHRI said, “We have developed eJPHOTO app specifically to keep it user friendly so that jewellers of all ages can use it. At eJOHRI, it is our constant endeavor to keep on providing such offerings even in the future. We are also working on developing other technologies to simplify our online e-store management.”

Shailen Mehta, Co-founder and MD at eJOHRI said, “We strive to give Indian jewellers a platform where they can showcase their products and crafts at the global level while being cost-effective. eJPHOTO app is a game-changer in the online jewellery industry in this regard. Jewellery photography is a roadblock for approximately 40-45 thousand jewellers who want to be a part of an online universe. The app eliminates the need of a professional for taking or fixing the jewellery photography. This will ease out the process for Indian jewellers hence, making the photography cost-effective, time-efficient, and a hassle-free experience.”

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