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El Nino may be back; could cause droughts in India

Last year’s good rainfall gave indications that El Nino might be waning, but new weather patterns forming across the globe are giving signs of yet another El Nino that may begin later this year. It may be recalled that El Nino is a specific weather event that affects rainfall and other weather patterns across the globe. Weather researchers said that even a mild El Nino could see temperatures soaring across Asia including India, Africa, South America and southern United States. It will result in scanty rainfall, which can cause severe droughts in India.

Already, the summer heat is breaking records in several parts of India. If El Nino returns, it could impact India’s agricultural output and food security. It may be recalled that earlier, private forecaster Skymet had predicted below average rainfall for India in 2017. Now, everyone is eagerly awaiting the forecast that will be made by the Met Department in the coming week. It is important to note that these predictions are made using advanced simulators powered by super computers, which makes them quite accurate.

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