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 UV-C light enabled lamp to disrupt the DNA of Covid-19 

  • Capable of killing 99.9 % pathogens within seconds
  • Second product catering to absolute sanitization needs

New Delhi, 27 August, 2020: Enhancing germ-free living environment for homes, ELANPRO, India’s leading ref-tech SME, recently announced the launch of SAFE GERMICIDAL LAMP, an intelligent, UV-C based virus sterilizer for everyday use. It is a compact, 360 degree design to meet the growing demand of enhanced antimicrobial protection, disinfection and cleanliness of day to day objects without touching them.

Across the globe, various studies have confirmed that UV-C light can be effective for combating SARS-COV 2. UV-C is a part of the ultraviolet light spectrum in the range of 200nm to 280nm, which eradicates viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and microorganisms on food products, surfaces and in air and liquids. The technology is capable of killing 99.9% of all pathogens within seconds.

UV-C’s proven effectiveness against novel coronavirus has prompted the need to acknowledge it as a ‘Bellwethering Home Appliance’. The product is a logical solution for an ecological disinfection. The unique sterile approach eliminates the use of hand, heat and toxin in the decontamination process.

A savvy product, SAFE GERMICIDAL LAMP boasts of a radar motion sensor, a crucial safety feature which detects the presence of human beings and pets within a range of 5 meters, shutting it down immediately for protection. The product has a remote control access of 10meters and a delay timer of 10 seconds.

The product can be used to clean things like mobile phones, laptops, clothes, shoes, masks, currency notes, stationary items, water bottles, bags, baby products along with fruits, vegetables and daily grocery and many more items that should not be subjected to liquids or aerosol chemicals. Equipped with a powerful 36-watt Quartz lamp, it effectively prevents the spread of virus in an area 60 square meters.

Making the announcement, Mr. SANJAY JAIN, DIRECTOR, ELANPRO said, “We are prepared to provide a high level of quality and satisfaction to Indians in these stressful times. Our new product is designed for an effective, hassle-free, on-demand sterilization need for every home.

Diversifying for sustenance, ELANPRO ramped up its solutions for homes apart from institutional applications with Elan SAFE Series. The new series is an assimilated range of products specifically designed to mitigate risk, meet safety code requirements, and promote safe and responsible behavior. In addition to Germicidal Lamp, the SAFE portfolio includes a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser. The company is planning to launch more products in this quarter.

Speaking about the new range, Mr. JAIN added, “In the second quarter, we realized the urgent need for a pivoted strategy. With our knowledge of the technological trends in the commercial arena, we anticipated solutions that can help fight the scourge caused by pandemic. I hope these integrated solutions enhance the safety of everyone apart from helping with a comfortable transition in the new normal.”

With more products in pipeline, the company is planning to be a significant player in the contactless appliance market.

A chemical free disinfectant, SAFE GERMICIDAL LAMP is a smart product for every home apart from institutional establishments. Priced at Rs. 9,990, the product is available on leading e-commerce websites and Elanpro Experience Centers.


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