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eLearning – Learn At Your Own Pace

Nowadays learners want relevant, self-paced, personalized content. This need can be satisfied with the online mode of learning. eLearning is a modern way of education where a learner can learn without going to a physical college, school or institute. eLearning is an education platform which utilizes electronic technologies. In most of the cases, it is a course, program for a degree which is provided online. eLearning apps like BYJU’S offer online courses for various boards viz CBSE, ICSE, GSEB, JKBOSE, MSBSHSE, and various other state boards. Also, courses to prepare for NEET, JEE, IAS, GRE, GMAT, CAT, etc… along with downloadable study materials such as textbooks, notes, question papers and more. Some students do not understand a few topics in the first lecture. eLearning can help them study the concepts thoroughly.

Example to demonstrate how eLearning will help you learn to perfection: Today at school you attended a chemistry lecture. The topic covered in that lecture was Calcium Carbonate and you could not understand the topic. Also, you could not get it clarified with your lecturer as he/she had a tight schedule after the lecture. Therefore, to learn that concept you can search the topic in the search engine and relevant results will appear. All you have to do is, go to the search engine, type Calcium Carbonate, and press enter. All the information related to this topic will appear on the screen, and, the websites that provide the entire chemistry course will also be displayed. The updated content and study materials in downloadable format will be available so that you can study the concept at your own pace and take the class for any number of times.

Flexible AndStressfree Learning

Students can learn online with the help of an electronic gadget such as a computer or tablet or smartphone or laptop and the internet. Students get access to any updated content related to the topic they want to learn. The main benefit of learning online is that it ensures that students stay synchronized with modern learners. This makes the learners to easily get access to the updated content whenever they want. Also, there are options to download the study materials so that they can study in the offline mode as well. The major benefit is that they can learn from anywhere and at any time. They need not travel to a physical place of learning and learn concepts at their own pace.

eLearning And Environmental

eLearning is a paperless way of learning. There is no traveling and therefore no transport expenses. There is no destruction of trees and also, the noise and air pollution are reduced.

There are many eLearning Apps which provide online courses. On such App is BYJU’S which is India’s largest k-12 learning App. It includes Mathematics, Physics, and Biology courses which also provides Chemistry course to help you clearly understand the topics like – Reactivity Series.

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