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Election Commission To Use Next Generation EVMs by 2018; Set To Replace 9.3 Lakh EVMs

Amid the rising concerns over the uses of EVMs, the Indian Election Commission has decided to replace 9,30,430 EVMs purchased before 2006 as the older machines are nearing their 15-year life cycle.

Next Generation EVM

The Election Commission has decided to buy next generation electronic voting machines or EVMs.

Many political parties including Congress, AAP and Samajwadi Part have questioned the Election Commission over the attempts over tempering with the EVMs during the recently held Assembly election where BJP scored big victory.

The new ‘M3’-type EVMs will have a self-diagnostic system and a public key interface for authentication purposes.


It is also estimated that around Rs 1,940 crore (excluding freight and taxes) has been set aside to procure these  next generation EVMs. The Election Commission has also decided to introduce these machines  for voting by 2018, a year before when the next Lok Sabha elections are due.

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