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Elements for Bollywood-Inspired Photography for your Wedding

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Every couple looks at themselves as the Shahrukh Khan and Kajol of their love story. The sensational feeling of love brings the special feeling that is hard to ignore. And when it is about wedding ceremonies, the Bollywood-inspired celebration can be an exciting way to live through this exciting celebrity life for real.

Like a high-profile wedding with all the wedding guests, paparazzi, décor, and lights – your wedding is your personal event to make you the star for the day. And your pictures should reveal the same. If you are looking for a Bollywood-inspired photography idea, here are a few elements that you can add to your wedding for that added zeal.

Get creative with the invites

Start with the wedding invites itself! Skip away from the regular boring invites and get dramatic with your invite. Get oodles of designs depicting your favorite movie posters or celebrity moments turned into caricature with your face on it! As Bollywood is always high in colors and glamour, the wedding invites are sure to depict a lot of glamour and drama with the creative designs. Choose to adopt an iconic scene or an iconic actor to welcome your guests in a new style. Here are some ideas:

  • Get your caricatures made of your favorite actors and actresses
  • Add iconic elements of popular movie scenes like Guitar from DilwaleDulhaniya Le Jayenge, etc.
  • A replica of a ticket to the cinema

Go for a bolly crazy decor

Celebrity events and weddings are known for the larger than life décor. The flashy designs, grand set-ups of flower bouquets, light highlights, carpet spread, etc come together to create an aura around that explicitly expresses extravagance. As your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, the décor should not fall short to explain the grandeur. Go for an added dose of glamour with golden and silver hues combined with large set-ups, flower décor, ribbons, chandeliers, lavish stalls, etc. The feel of being truly special, extravagant and grand in the décor depicts the starry feel not just for you but for all the guests. And when you make an entry as the best-dressed couple and host of the party – it all goes a few notches high with the creative pictures!

The evergreen Bollywood entry!

One thing common to cinemas from the early magical era to the glamorous cinematic life today is the premiere night. The movie premiere nights are very shiny, colorful and glamorous. The premier movie nights have always been an iconic setup with the red carpet, Bollywood style entry, posters of films around and a background that looks like a theatre. Instead of designing the regular flower pathways for the couple to make an entry on their D-Day, make a twist for the Bollywood style entry and love through the dream. Walk in with style at the red carpet, hold hands amidst the crowd of people and walk through the glittering carpet way with movie posters around – now that’s a dreamy walk!

The celebrity clicking wall!

Most of the celebrity events today are held in a representative way. The entry wall is often decorated with flowers, lights, glamorous designs, etc to make for a special corner where all the celebrities can get themselves clicked. The photographers line up for pictures of the couples. As and when the celebrities make an appearance into the event, the paparazzi click them endlessly. Create a similar clicking wall for your wedding to get a special corner for getting clicked. It is not just for the wedding couple but also for the guests to enjoy the feeling of being a celebrity at your wedding. Least to say, the pictures are nothing short of the ones you see on social media.

Recreate your favorite scene as a photo booth

Be it the iconic scene of holding hands to catch the running train in DilwaleDulhaniya Le Jayenge, the scooter riding scene from 3 Idiots or the beautiful portrays of Sri Devi with Jeetendra with the colorful surroundings – replicating the iconic movie scenes as photo booths can be an ideal space for getting good photography. These add the drama of Bollywood to the wedding in an utter style that can make you relive a scene from your favorite movie. Enjoy setting up one or the entire venue into different sections of movie scenes for the ultimate Bollywood photography session to take place.

A Bollywood theme wedding celebration!

Bollywood theme weddings are getting popular by the day. With the added attention that movies lend to the Indian weddings in their depicting of stories, the real couples to are enjoying the feel of Bollywood at the weddings. And a perfect Bollywood theme wedding celebration makes way for a great time to click some amazing pictures. Hand in the posters of famous movies, add the elements of movies like the sunglasses for Dabangg or get some costumes set up on the wall to make the aura a perfect Bollywood presence. The pictures around the setup are truly going to make you excited all your life.

Sangeet – the ultimate celebrity celebration!

A sangeet ceremony is the most colorful part of wedding ceremonies. With lights, camera and music the whole family comes together for a gala time singing and dancing to the Bollywood tunes. And to add a bit more of a Bollywood touch to the drama, try to select a theme for the sangeet. Make your Sangeet night theme as Bollywood with everyone dressing as an actor/actress and performing to some iconic movie songs. The wedding photography shall turn unbelievable with the background, colors and power packed dramatic performances by every member of the family.

There are multiple ways to get inspired by Bollywood and add glamour to your wedding photography. It just takes the right idea to make that feeling come to life. Get going!

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