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Employee Tracking Software: Multipurpose Admin Solution For Sale

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With the advent of technology, the process of administration has drastically been changed. The technology has reduced the man-force to manage the employees’ related works. There are some software that enable an employer to administer his or her employees’ activities. These softwares are called ‘employee tracking system’. The software is used for multipurpose. One can track numbers of staffing hours, sale reports, client meets, location, etc. 

As e-tailer or online-shopping gives employee to huge number of delivery boys, the software enables employers to manage salesforce.

 Many other companies also send their employees on field to sell their products, like bankers sell their loan policy, credit card by putting their stalls in remote areas; the beauty product manufacturers deploy their salesmen in far-reaching areas. Likewise, numerous segments of trade are being operated in the field. Subsequently, the biggest challenges, the most companies are facing are efficient tracking and managing of their sales team. In such scenario, the technology is a boon as it provides cost-effective management solution. 

Salesmen or field boys are always on the move, it becomes really difficult task to keep a track of their productivity and exact locations. Employee tracking software provides sales force tracking solution, which can be used to monitor real time activities. The software also significantly helps in improving the productivity and enhancing the performance at a very low cost. The employees tracking technology which is also known as ‘Sales Force Management Solutions’ or ‘Sales Force GPS Tracking Web App’ in the market, is available in Google play store in the form of mobile Apps.

The technology is, often, integrated in two parts- one is a Web App which has been developed for the use of managers while the second part is the mobile app which is for the sale boys (field officers). Bothe parts are interlinked so that the managers as well as agents can receive timely notifications about the progress of the assigned project or sales.

The software not only helps to track the employees but it also simplifies the administrative works related to sales team or field team. The tracking system provides a sales force management dashboard which is inbuilt with features to manage the attendance, working hours, sale graph, productivity report, leaves, payment related records.  

So, it would not be untrue to say the such employee tracking software is itself a manager which makes the player stress-free from managing almost A to Z works related to employees who are working on field.

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