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Ending the Painful Silence

Fortis Hospital’s launches a comprehensive “Centre for Endometriosis Care” dedicated to women
Launches Yellow Ribbon to create awareness for this disease
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Bangalore, 04th Dec, 2014: Millions of women ignore the painful and traumatic symptoms of endometriosis, a painful gynaecological disorder that affects millions of women, rarely seeking treatment for the condition. With an aim to spread awareness about the disorder and improve the quality of life of hundreds of women suffering silently, Fortis Hospitals today launched a comprehensive Centre of Excellence for Endometriosis Care, one of its kind medical centre  that will focus on helping women combat the pain, get  accurate information about the disease and an effective treatment.

The campaign also marked the launch of the Yellow Ribbon – a symbol of Endometriosis awareness. The event was followed by a concept-based fashion show choreographed by renowned designer Ramesh Dembla. Kannada actress Ragini Dwiwedi who showed her support for the cause by associating herself with the campaign. The fashion highlighted the real linings of womanhood and the models showcased social messages that emphasized on pain, taboo and the need for the awareness.

Ragini Dwivedi with Dr. Manish Singh & Dr. Anu Sridhar (1)

Endometriosis is a painful gynaecological disorder that occurs in women mostly in their prime. In this condition, the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus, the endometrium, grows outside the uterus on the surfaces of organs in the pelvic and abdominal areas.​

The displaced endometrial tissue thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. Because this displaced tissue has no way to exit the body, it is trapped. When endometriosis involves the ovaries, cysts, endometriomas may form. The condition is known to cause pain, often severe, especially during the menstrual cycle. Tissues surrounding the area of endometriosis may become inflamed or swollen, leading to the development of scar tissue. The condition  significantly hampering  a woman’s quality of life. Apart from the symptom of having painful periods, it can often affect a woman’s ability to conceive, hence causing both physical and emotional  trauma. Research also shows that the disease accounts for a significant loss of productivity of young working women, who often take leave from work because of painful cramps and other symptoms.

According to the Endometriosis Society of India, an estimated 25 million woman in the country suffer from the condition and this number is increasing every year.

“Unfortunately, the disease is often diagnosed very late or misdiagnosed, thus delaying treatment. Endometriosis can start as early as a girl’s first period and affect her till she reaches menopause. The biggest challenge in the battle against endometriosis is the lack of awareness about the condition and the failure of women to report it on time. The disease is also often misdiagnosed as ovarian cysts or irritable bowel syndrome, so going to a well-equipped centre that will make an accurate diagnosis is necessary,” said Dr. Manisha Singh, Consultant Gynaecologist and Infertility specialist at Fortis Hospitals.

Showing her support, renowned Kannada Actress Ragini Dwivedi said, “Talking about periods and pelvic cramps is considered a taboo in our society due to which a lot of women suffer silently with the pain. Not many of them realize the repercussions of tolerating the pain that compromises her life and eventually lead to complications in future. I am glad that Fortis Hospitals has taken up the initiative, which will not only motivate women to come out and speak about their pain but also help them fight the disease. It is my privilege to be associated with such a noble initiative”

“Women endure painful periods for years, considering it normal and this not only affects their day-to-day lives but can lead to serious complications. Severe endometriosis with extensive scarring and organ damage may affect fertility. It is considered to be one of the three major causes of female infertility. If a woman has been experiencing debilitating menstrual cramps or pain in the back and pelvic region or she is unable to conceive, it is imperative to seek help from an experienced doctor. Endometriosis does not have a cure but can be managed effectively with medications, surgery or hormone therapy,” Dr Anu Sridhar, Consultant Gynaecologist, Fortisadded.​

With its high degree of expertise and a team of experienced doctors, Fortis Hospitals has been helping women with endometriosis lead a normal life. The new centre is another step in this direction that will help more women be aware of this problem and seek effective treatment.

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