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Heavy air and a moon stare
Eye lids close with slumber
Then open up with thunder
It happens again and again
When I close my eyes
I see the palaces of the past
When they open
I fail to see the ruins
Yet a strangeness engulfs
When a grey past drizzles
Like drops of water
Fall on dry parched leaf
Eyes waiting to be numb
But a heart over succumb
Fails to let it out
Instead it just goes silent
A space between joy and sorrow
Like a tunnel end with light
Yet you stay in harrow
A strange fight when you fail your own might
When that grey past drizzles
Every wish chisels
Flickering images
Some past rages
Some moments like ages
What remain are frays
Of those long spent days
How I wish I could say it
How I wish I could feel it
How I wish I could live it
But then the drizzle goes away
Without a thought, without a sway
Drizzle it was, drizzle it will be
As long as there is no rain
There is a wait
Wait for that wind
That cometh on its own
That soothes the burns
That produces the ferns
Eyes that long
Eyes that wait
Eyes that dream but no longer wish
Eyes that waits for the drizzle to end


By: Surbhi Sood

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