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It’s rather interesting…

In the silence of night
With an emptiness in sight
In the midst of this void
A few thoughts trickle down my mind
A glance at the years past
Unable to recollect muse last
Seems that everything started
With a question mark
Answers were in front of my eyes
Was just waiting for the moments to rise
And they did
But then something was amiss
It’s that sheer moment of helplessness
When you realize
That a few wishes
Are destined not to be granted
It’s that strange time
When everything falls in place
Only to make you realize
That you never wanted it
The best things in life
Are those closed doors
Which you like only till they are closed
The moment they open
Either it’s too late
Or it happens to be a wrong one
Moments make conversations
Conversations make stories
What lies behind?
Are conversations of smiles?
And moments of cappuccinos
Every pursuit began
With a few questions to answer
Only to end with more questions
To explore
While coincidences are common
They often happen when you need them the least
And seldom when you need the most
Apologies and Criticism
You crave for the former
But always get the latter
Surprised and Shocked
Elated and frustrated
Laughed and Cried
Joy or sorrow
Black or white
It’s rather interesting…..
By: Surbhi Sood

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