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And Now You Are Going To Ask

And now you are going to ask
And I’ll still be looking for an answer
Your eyes digging deep into the soul
Lighting up the shallow tunnel
They light up the roads i travel
And in them i find countries and rivers and mountains
For the earth is too small for them
I see everything that exists
Just like the splash of water opens up the foam
So does the smile on your face
A dark fragrance lifts up from the air
Roses shy away into the night
The land upon which your feet land
Hide the poppies beyond the horizon
For you bring in a new aura
Beguiling the moths and the cocoons
And my heart is no less
Jupiter lifts you to the zenith
For he himself is merely a man
A concoction of lilacs, petals and pearls
Made of all the water and all the leaves
Of all the gold and all the silver
Of all the earth and all the ether
What goes into the night and in the day
Dwells within you
Don’t leave me even for a day as i will be alone
Like an empty station with trains parked somewhere else, asleep
Don’t go away even for an hour, for it is too long
And for the time you are gone
I’ll wander around the earth
Wondering if you would leave me here dying?
                                                                                                                                                                          By: Karan Anil Dhar

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