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I asked for bread and butter and a shadow
And of all the places I’ve been this is what I am searching
But lest should the butter melt away and the bread become mouldy
The shadow which I need to follow walks away
Into a dark and disdain path
Crumpled by the leaves of sorrow in the autumn wind
You came to my life like a tender fruit
I nurtured it to a full grown petal
The bees swarming hurt like the scorpion’s sting
Lesser seen by the eye but felt deep within
The oozing wetland supports not a flower
The flat meadows raising a dune
The thick green wilderness turns an unholy black
And a fenceless border seeks a twig
My life a long narrow corridor and echoing hallways
Wailing like an old witch’s hue
Much to the ears of the trespassers
But a soprano to the one who stays
An ongoing battle speaks volumes for itself
A muddled future hears a dilemma
The moonlit paths try to tell their stories
A disconnected heart looks for a peripheral projection
I did not wait love rather jumped onto the rose
Proclaimed a danger, the danger of complete love
Your body a pine-scented slope, your eyes sparkling gems
Heading into the soul, lighting up the cave
And so i go along and with you i drift along
Like this I want you, like this I love you
                                                                                                                          By:  Karan Anil Dhar

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