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Environment happens to be an integral part of our lives. The whole atmosphere surrounding us determines our stay on Earth. The surrounding comprises not only Rivers, ponds, Industries, Skyscrapers, Forests etc but also the air atmosphere and Space surrounding us.”Pollution” has been an issue of concern all over the world. There are many types of pollution. Light, Noise, Air, Land, Water etc. The introduction of contaminants into the environment that cause harm or discomfort to humans and other living organisms is generally termed as Pollution. The concerns over Global Warming, Greenhouse Emission, and Ozone layer depletion have escalated to new levels. The rapid industrialization across many spheres of the globe has led to increase in consumption of chemical particles and emissions of harmful substances. India post Independence have made various advances in Science and Technology. Initiatives taken have led to the establishment and expansion of various industries. Though some amount of Environmental imbalance is inevitable during the process of Industrialization but care needs to be given to avoid as much as possible and adopt eco-friendly methods and technologies. Across the globe, Environmental pollution has been an issue which has been taken quite seriously. Sound Pollution (Noise pollution) occurs as a result of the use of Household Gadgets like food mixer, Grinder, Vacuum cleaner, Washing machine, Dryer, Cooler, Air conditioners etc. Televisions, IPods and Ear Phones are also some sources of Sound pollution.
Social Events and Places of Worship also emit High level sounds. Commercial and Industrial Activities lead to the use of many devices that cause harm to the Environment. Electronic advertising boards and Commercial centers, City Parks, Airports and public places are the sources of Light Pollution. Industrial elements like the use of Sulphur, Asbestos, Lead, Mercury, Phosphates, Nitrates and Oils are the primary sources of Water Pollution. Other sources of Water Pollution include Sewage and Waste Water, Septic Tanks, Marine Dumping and Underground Storage leakage tubes. Air pollution sources basically include emissions from Industries, Fuel burning and Household and Farmland chemicals. Agricultural pesticides and chemicals contaminate the soil and lead to the degradation and reduction of various useful nutrients and particles from the soil. Mining, Industrial, Sewage, Garbage, Construction, Deforestation, Chemical, Oil Industries are some of the sources of Soil pollution. Of late nuclear plants and operatives in various parts of the world have been adding to the menace of land Pollution. One of the most trending Environmental issues today is the cause of Global Warming. The Melting of Glaciers in Antarctica and Arctic regions and the rise in the temperatures of both Land and Sea level have lead to some dangerous effects. Water rise in the levels of Seas and change in Aquatic balance has lead to the sabotage of many Aquatic animals and marine species. However we can collectively take various measures and adopt strategies that will protect the interests of us and will lead to a more developed and safer Environment. We must resort to Eco-friendly technologies in Businesses and make less use of products that lead to Environmental Pollution. We encourage more and more research initiatives in the discovery of substances that do not harm the Environment. (For Example: Devising of Agricultural methods that use minimum use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides etc). Thus, appropriate measures with proper professional guidance are the need of the hour if we want to minimize the fear of the severe effects of Environmental pollution.

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