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EPI not VIP is New India, says PM Modi

Explaining one of the aspects of New India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it was not about VIP, but EPI, which means “Every Person is Important”. Modi expressed his views during ‘Mann Ki Baat’, a monthly radio program through which he communicates with the people of India. Modi’s statement comes in the wake of the recent ban imposed on the flashing red beacons atop cars of ministers and bureaucrats.

It has been an important mission for Modi to free the country from VIP culture. The red beacons were one of the important components of the VIP culture, and in recent times, many politicians and bureaucrats were using it as a show of power and status symbol. The government’s decision to ban the red beacons will significantly help eliminate VIP culture in the country.

“Removing red beacons on the car is one thing. We are ensuring the VIP culture is removed from the minds of the select few ‘VIPs’,” Modi said. “The red beacon had become a symbol of VIP culture which has penetrated deeply into our minds. Removing the red beacon is just part of the system but we need to make a conscious effort to weed out this culture from our minds,” he added.

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