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eRevMax partners with BookingForce to offer the 1st booking engine on LIVE

Allowing hoteliers to update rate and availability on brand sites from Channel Manager LIVE 


London, March 2, 2015: eRevMax, the leading hotel distribution and business intelligence service provider today announced its integration of BookingForce, a next generation booking engine available via the eRevMax LIVE Network (ELN). This integration will allow hotels subscribed to LIVE to be able to add direct booking engine capability to their brand site and manage rates and availability from the LIVE integrated management dashboard. The new eRevMax LIVE Network is the primary third party application store that allows users to subscribe, access and update applications published by eRevMax and third-party solutions providers.

BookingForce is architected & developed by booking engine expert Brian Dass and his BookingForce team in the US & Czech Republic. It features rich functionality, content customization with real-time reporting, and is fully manageable from theLIVE dashboard. The 2-way XML connectivity with leading PMSs help hotels to automate their reservation process with their bookings captured and available inventory automatically redistributed helping the hotels push last-room availability. LIVE, the web-based integrated management dashboard from eRevMax, offers detailed competitor intelligence, comprehensive business performance analytics, and channel management capabilities through secure two-way XML connections.

“We are excited in being involved with eRevMax in launching a new generation of booking engines that evolve around product strategy.  The one size fits all and commoditization that has been recurring in the industry is going to be a thing of the past.  Our engine themes all have names and have customized functionality to adapt to each Hotel’s situation.  Early hotel adopters are responding quite well with hotels in Europe, USA, Asia Pac and Latin America”, said Brian Dass, Founder & CEO, BookingForce. 

“Through LIVE, we are now offering hoteliers an integrated platform to bring all of their direct & indirect distribution and revenue tools in one platform. The single sign-on, dashboard for all approach simplifies operations, enables business process improvement across key functions, and gives hoteliers time to focus on strategy. By integrating BookingForce, we are expanding our core distribution offering, the real-time 2-way connectivity with hotel systems and online sales channels to include the hotel brand site,” said Greg Berman, Chief Operating Officer, eRevMax.

The LIVE by eRevMax platform incorporates the RateTiger and Connect product lines, and merges detailed Competitive Rate Intelligence & Business Analytics with two-way XML channel connectivity for real-time rate and inventory updates coordinated with booking delivery into hotel third party systems. The eRevMax LIVE Network of solutions providers offers integrated rate recommendations, direct booking support, meta-search and payment processing for improved ROI including cost reduction as well as measurable revenue growth. eRevMax will be hosting a sessions with BookingForce on real-time revenue management on 4 – 5 March, between 4- 6 pm at ITB Berlin, Hall 8.1, Stand 132.

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