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Eros diet: food for a 10 and boost love

Foods to boost your libido in your life stage

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and commonly the desire for romantic dinners is capable of stimulating the desire. The desire to build the expectation for what will occur next, surely including sex. Candlelight, red napkins like the fire of love, and fancy decorations, make the atmosphere.

The support is done by the mind, the appeal of the reasons. But also the food! Maybe science hasn’t put the seal on an aphrodisiac food, but some permits have.

And there is surely a mental link; otherwise, we would not have tropes like “full lips” and ” peach skin. 

The preparation for Valentine’s Day

You do not magically become unbridled lovers in one night; true love lovers are bound to the long term, particularly since there is not only Valentine’s Day but added 364 nights of desire! We require in everyday life, and love is strength, endurance, health, and good looks. All this food can help us get it, but only the living and vital ones: whole foods, hence, and vegetables.

All in its way, these all offer to make us beautiful from the inside, giving us shiny and tight hair, strong nails, smooth skin. By favoring the gut, liver, and stomach functioning, they also avoid heavy aftermath on the breath – the least romantic thing can exist!

Foods for libido

Since ancient times, men and women have been on the research for foods that arouse intimate desire. Over the centuries, these have usually changed. Castore Durante, a 16th-century doctor, suggested chickpeas, while his modern Catherine de ‘Medici, Queen of France, concentrated on broad beans, courgettes, celery, thistles, shallots, onions, mushrooms, and artichokes baked in wine.

The spices, such as pepper, cinnamon, chili, and seasonings such as ginger, have always had great fame in the intimate field like Fildena or vidalista 60. Perhaps there is a bit of truth since they excite blood circulation. Other times, foods whose appearance evokes male asparagus or female seafood are targeted. But as always, it is up to the vision to complete!

One thing is clear: tickling the palate with delightful foods increases the level of endorphins. 

15 foods for outstanding love life

Garlic: Before setting up your nose, consider that it is considered as the viagra of the poor: it is tonic and excites circulation. He and she have to eat it. Otherwise, you chance ending up in white—do for the onion. 

Avocado: It is delicious, soft, and smooth, contains healthy fats, many minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants: almost a super food. Did you recognize that the Aztec word for it involves “testicle “?

Cinnamon: Exciting, digestive, and carminative, for Ayurveda healers, it is a cure for impotence.

Chocolate: Helpful in every sense! It carries a substance, phenylethylamine, which excites the brain area of intimate pleasure and boosts endorphins.

Corn: Improves the rise of dopamine, which is a supporter of Eros. In the form of grains, it has a beautiful rich color and a delightful crunchiness.

Nettle: It excites circulation, provides minerals, and cleans tones. A little early to find it, but you won’t want to end with Valentine’s Day!

Chilli: It is an outstanding vasodilator, which also promotes the flow of blood to the genital area.

Rosemary: Tonic, exciting, stimulating, and opponent of tiredness, the aromatic rosemary excites taste and aroma.

Rocket: It will not be an accident that the Romans planted a rocket around the figures of Priapus with the great phallus. It is assuredly digestive, so not extreme!

Sage: It has an estrogen-related matter, which makes it an energizer for her.

Savory: It is stimulating for the cortico-adrenal glands, connected to desire.

Celery and celeriac: The forms are suggestive; the physical glands’ stimulating qualities do not lack the remineralizing, digestive, fresh capacity.

Nose: Rich foods have the fame of aphrodisiacs, but there is a grain of truth for the truffle. It includes a hormone (androstenediol) present in the male pig and human sweat.

Saffron: It contains hormone-like elements, supports a great mood, and has beautiful colors!

Ginger: It carries zinc, able to regulate testosterone in the prostate. Then it’s digestive and anti-gas, and it tastes exciting!

The menu of desire

There are two keywords:

Lightness, because generally after a binge, we fall asleep, preferably we want to stay awake;

Presentation, because following food is crucial and for this moment, we require to waste more time. 

Do not drop crunchy foods, such as a fine pinzimonio to eat looking into your eyes, and others with an enveloping mellowness, such as vegetable pates, which give you warm feeling hugs. Scented foods are of excellent help, such as black rice or basmati, and course flavorings like vanilla and cinnamon.

Since fragrant herbs are also not to be ignored, don’t forget to join them to food. Collectively with the well-chopped garlic and onion! Tadalista and vidalista 40 are best at cure of impotence. The seeds of cardamom, anise, fennel, and green anise refresh the breath if nibbled at the end of the meal and keep away the dreaded intestinal gas!

To close a delicious but honest dessert, dark chocolate and flavored with warm and fragrant seasonings, such as cinnamon and vanilla, or hot like chili.

Wine, good but not much: rest relaxes too much and is detrimental to his physical performance.

To forget! Foods that destroy Eros

Lettuce and pumpkin are off-limits on the night of love: they help you sleep!

The likewise works for beer, which is even an aphrodisiac because of journeys. The coffee is a vasoconstrictor and does not relish the fame of love drink anything, take it with cardamom, like the Arabs, according to whom this seed is aphrodisiac. It will perfume your breath!

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