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ERP Solutions – why startups of the new age need it

Consultancies such as BhavyamInfotech shed light on the need of Enterprise Resource Planning’s integration with startups

We are living in the age of startups – a time where new technologies hold such potential that new ventures surface every now and then. While some ideas get off the ground but fail to maintain the flight, startups that use the right people for the correct task have a better chance of entering the big league. However, it’s not just a bunch of individuals, but a collective workforce and operational functioning that helps a startup transform into an organization. On that note, experts at Bhavyam Infotech, a global IT consulting firm, state that innate growth can only be achieved with comprehensive operations, You can also Compare top ERP systems which is good for your business grwoth and betterment. Here’s why ERP solutions are the key of growth for budding startups:

Cross department functioning

A small team is easy to manage because everyone is in loop of everything, from technical grounds to marketing aspects. However, as a startup scales itself in the market, it bifurcates into dedicated departments with a supervisor. Albeit suitable for individual employees, the individuality slows down execution time and makes it difficult for senior management or the head of the startup to handle the entire startup as a business.

ERP solutions set a standard for all the departments to work on via software and shared databases. Eliminating isolated operations, access is shared amidst the heads which not only consolidates the information at one place, but makes it easier to identify errors and implement changes.

Orders and customers

Not all startups are purely research or service based. Futuristic technology-based startups often introduce a new product/line of products from the venture in the organization and that involves various aspects like tracking, vendors, customer details, response management, returns, requests, and so on. In such cases, it becomes a hassle to operate as individual units.

This is where ERP steps in and forms a bridge between all the aspects, thereby reducing error percentage, improving customer management, and simplifying the complications.

Decision making

Centralized access to every facet of the business enables the leaders of the company to improve data, the quality of data analysis and thus, present conclusions that boost the productivity and profits of the business.

Enterprise experts at BhavyamInfotech state that though small startups may feel like they do not need ERP services, adopting the same in nascent stage keeps the operations streamlined, helps maintain productivity, and keeps the company ready for dynamic changes.

Agility and security

Small ventures transform into premier businesses and this calls for agility as the startup has become global, or listed among the national domain leaders, and will head towards mergers, investment rounds, acquisitions, and more.

Similarly, operating at such a level required high-end security, which cannot be achieved with divided databases of every department. Combined with digitalization, not just data, but even ERP solutions are executed on cloud platform by global IT consultancies.

So, are you working in a startup or own one? Now you know what the next step of growth is!

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