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EssentiallySports: Empowering Digital First Sports Communities Across the Globe

The digital spectrum has significantly evolved and now provides a platform for many aspiring individuals and organizations to put ideas into action. This in turn has created endless possibilities, especially in the sphere of content creation. Content can now be created for niche audiences with a potpourri of tastes, and in a domain as vast as sport, the digital ecosystem has been an endless playground. What makes the realm of sports so diverse?

Well, the answer to that lies in the level of intricacy every sport possesses. Have you ever wondered about how the winner of an F1 race is decided or why a fighter is using his elbow against another in a UFC fight while streaming these live events?

Therein lies the vision behind EssentiallySports – to provide coverage on numerous sports, cover the players who make the sport what it is and to answer those questions that you might have when watching a live sporting event. From writing detailed analysis pieces to capturing timely updates across the digital spectrum from players round the clock, we aim to deliver content from The Fan’s Perspective. This perspective entails understanding what the fan really wants, what he/she lives for and live streams at odd times for and at the same time appeal to the side of him/her curious to know what his favourite sportsperson is up to.

We decided to bring this vision to life in 2014. The 6+ year journey has continued into the present and from a simple platform for college sports fans, EssentiallySports now stands as a noteworthy name in the global sports digital content arena. The website is led by co-founders Harit Pathak, Suryansh Tibarewal and Jaskirat Arora, who aim to continue to re-define sports coverage in the digital content ecosystem in an online-first post-covid world.

After garnering a viewership of over 400 million pageviews in 2020 (majorly from the US, UK and other countries), EssentiallySports looks to continue to deliver content in the form of fresh news and opinions on sports such as NBA, UFC, NASCAR, Golf, Formula 1, Tennis, eSports, WWE, NFL and Boxing to the global audience this year. We also seek to continue to grow communities on social media and further our growth in the app ecosystem by leveraging our expertise in creating engaging content to cater to the different platforms.

As part of our endeavour to empower digital first sports communities, EssentiallySports has launched its new website which follows and sets the web vitals standards for the media industry. It serves our viewership with a crisp reading experience and is the first of many steps to drive EssentiallySports’ transformation to an interactive two-sided user experience.

From interviewing top names in the sporting world such as Patrick Mourataglou, Meisha Tate, Claressa Shields, to name a few, to serving as an outreach partner for major sport organizations in 2020, EssentiallySports has expanded its presence in the sporting world and served as a go-to website for all things sport. We aim to continue this progress and make significant strides in 2021 through our amazing team, seasoned skills and renewed energy and zest.

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