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Essentials of Post Delivery Mother and Child Care

post delivery mother and child care newspatrolling

After delivery is when the postpartum period commences, it usually lasts up to eight weeks and at times can be very stressful for the mother. This period involves a phase where mothers go through many physical and emotional changes, learning how to cope with these changes while taking care of the newborn will teach the mother to care for the child better and parents learn to function as a family.

The physical and mental health of the mother after the delivery is just as important as the child’s, after delivery care involves better food and rest habits, eating the right foods and resting on time, for the right duration can be challenging but essential when it comes to maintaining good health. A dietary plan with regular mild exercises and consumption of fresh fruits, dairy products that have high levels of calcium and low fat, poultry, lean meats with lean protein, nuts, beans and fish supply all the essential nutrients needed to strengthen both mother and child. Following an extreme diet to lose pregnancy weight can be harmful to the mothers’ health, and if she is breastfeeding it could affect the child’s health too.

Another important aspect to consider is rest! we all know that babies don’t follow a sleep cycle or pattern like adults, sleeping for eight hours might be impossible at times, this leaves the mother with only one option, they have to sleep when the baby sleeps. Having the cradle or the baby’s bed nearby will help save time and care for the newborn better. Visits from family and friends are frequent, but the mother must excuse herself to get some rest. Using a bottle to feed the baby is another time-saving option, breastmilk can be stored and a nanny can feed the child when the mother is exhausted or sleepy.

Although these suggestions and options might sound easy, visiting a qualified counselor can help plan these things in a better way. Sites like Portea offer online counselling for first-time mothers. Advancement in technology has been driving innovation in the healthcare industry making many processes efficient and enhanced the experience for both doctors and patients. 

The rise in the sales and use of wearable and non-wearable smart devices is a direct indication of how technology is transforming our lives and lifestyles. Availability of data and information on the internet and the option of availing services such as home diabetes test via mobile apps have made it easier for patients to get their tests done at home. The impact that technology has made in the healthcare sector has largely been positive and a large number of hospitals and healthcare service providers are embracing digital services which are the main reasons behind operational efficiency.  

Having medical tests done at home is especially beneficial to senior citizens who frequently experience or are affected by health issues associated with old age. Travelling to avail these services is another hassle considering the traffic situation in our country, healthcare service providers like Portea make things easier for people to get their tests done at home under the supervision of diligent and qualified professionals.

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