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ET Smart Mobility Summit 2018 Unravels New Insights about Future of Transportation

ETsmart mobility 2018

The Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit 2018, held at The Ashok, New Delhi, on September 28, was a great learning experience for everyone. ET Smart Mobility Summit is focused on providing a common platform to all stakeholders, so that the blueprint for the future of smart transportation can be developed in the most effective and sustainable manner.

The Summit was attended by people from diverse, yet interconnected domains. There were policymakers, business leaders, technology service providers, innovators, experts and analysts. Some of the key topics that were discussed during the Summit included government incentives to promote use of Smart Mobility, future of smart mobility in India, ways to improve road safety & traffic management, and emerging innovations and technologies for smart vehicles.

ET Smart Mobility Summit 2018 was launched with a welcome address by ET Edge. One of the highlights of the Summit was interactions with the regulators panel, which allowed business leaders, innovators and other stakeholders to understand how the future of Smart Mobility will take shape over the next decade. A number of future policies and guidelines were deliberated upon to understand their implications and to evaluate if they would be beneficial and sustainable in the long term.

Interactions with policymakers and industry representatives at the Summit will contribute significantly to help achieve the target of becoming an all-electric nation by 2030. The Summit has helped identify a number of practical problems, which can now be resolved through joint efforts involving the government and various businesses.

Another insightful experience at the ET Smart Mobility Summit 2018 was the Interactive Panel Discussions that highlighted current trends and discussed challenges and potential solutions that can be deployed. For example, one of the panel discussion focused on the top three trends in the Smart Mobility space. Another panel discussion focused on the Internet of Things in Public Transportation, which is expected to provide varied benefits such as better experience for users, improved fleet management, and reduction in pollution and traffic congestion. The panel discussion on Smart Mobility for Smart Cities in India provided insights about the challenging task of developing EV Charging infrastructure in India and how it is crucial for the electrification of public transportation.

There were individual talks as well by industry leaders on varied topics such as Internet of Everything, shared mobility, creating an integrated & sustainable mobility ecosystem for communities, and impact of mobility on our day to day lives.

The informative and engaging panel discussions, talks and Q&A session at ET Smart Mobility Summit 2018 were quite useful and insightful. It helped us understand that the road to Smart Mobility is a tough one that would require consistent efforts and close cooperationbetween all stakeholders.The Summit also provided stakeholders the opportunity to explore potential partnerships and collaborations.

We believe that Economic Times will continue to build on this strategic platform in the coming years, so that the goals and objectives of Smart Mobility can be achieved in an effective and sustainable manner.

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