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Mr. Vikarmjit Sahney International President of World Punjabi  organization has appealed to Shri Amit Shah Union Home Minister of India  to make arrangement for the evacuation of 257 Afghan Hindu and Sikh Families from Kabul. With deepening crisis in Afghanistan and Taliban capturing Kandahar and making their way to the capital city of Kabul. Mr. Sahney have take care of their complete rehabilitation in India by providing them houses, household items, monthly expenditure and training their kids in advance skill training free of cost.

Vikramjit Sahney had earlier sent 3 chartered flights last year at his expense to evacuate 500 Hindu and Sikh families from Kabul, Ghazni & Jalalabad and other areas of Afgjanistan. He is also helping the rehabilitation of the Sikh and Hindu families in West Delhi under the programme “My family, my responsibility” by providing them household items, monthly household expenses and free skills for their kids.

Mr. Sahney has also arranged free medical health insurance cover for these Afghan residents who are currently staying at Partap nagar in West Delhi.Mr. Sahney thanked Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah for granting them long term visas and requested him to grant citizenship to them under CAA ACT formulated last year.

It is the need of the hour to bring back our Afghan origin Sikh and Hindu brothers back to India safe and sound as their lives are in grave danger” said Mr Sahney.

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