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Evolving examination pattern in India

The Government of India induces many Examinations for Citizens who are all hunting for jobs. To get a job in the Government sector, one needs to qualify for the position. A number of examinations are conducted annually. The Government recently decided to change the pattern of examination for the benefit of the candidates. The new procedure is Online Test. Previously, candidates had to tick or shade the answer on paper, but now, it’s all about a simple click on a computer. A person who is graduated can also apply for a post valued for a person who has just cleared 10th. To make it easy for the candidates with low education qualification, the Government has come up with oral exams. The change in the examination format gives equal chances to young and old to clear the exam.

In some division, they have changed the pattern in entrance exam. In the month of February, Indian Government made some changes in the method of examinations and patterns of IFS. Those changes are the latest trend in Indian Govt. Apart from that, they have also changed the procedure of other departments as well. Let’s check out the evolution of Examination patterns in India as brief as per their corresponding fields.

IFOS Exam:

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It is as same as Civil service examination. It will happen as two tires to qualify the examination. Here, Preliminary exams will be equally screening for both IFOS and Civil service examinations. The screening test will be conducted clearly for this exam. The main patterns are Preliminary exams, integrated course, General knowledge,subjects like Forestry, Botany, Agriculture and Zoology are part of the test to qualify for the position.

Gate EY pattern of Examination:

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It is fully based on Aptitude about all the fields. The exam was previously conducted by only two institutions, IIT and IISC. The pattern of this exam will be online. There are in all 65 questions of 100 marks. This includes 10 General Aptitude questions that are for 15 marks. You can expect the question and answers in either numerical types or multiple choice type. One should at least hold a degree to appear for this examination.

UPSC Pattern:

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UPSC exam is conducted to understand the knowledge of the candidate. Previous exams had 7 papers, but now the new pattern includes 9 papers. Qualifying papers are of two types, 1) 300 marks of English, 2) 300 marks Modern language. This will be calculated in the list of cut-off range. Out of 9 subjects, candidate can choose any one as an optional subject from the list.

Pattern of ISS:

2Have a combined knowledge for ISS examination

From the beginning of 2016, they have changed their pattern for the examination. Initially all papers were subjective, but now they have changed the pattern to Paper 1 & 2 are turned as Objectives and Paper 3 & 4 into Subjective. For preparations, there are many question banks available at different book stores and even online. Even a number of classes offer guidance for these exams.

IAS Examination:

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The pattern of Indian Administrative Service remains same as old. The first part of ISA is about Preliminaries of Paper 1&2. Paper 1 contains General questions and Paper 2 contains Aptitude. The second part of examination contains descriptive type of questions. In all, there are 9 papers for the 2nd part of the examination. It is a compulsion for the candidate to clear both exams in one attempt. Candidates who crack this exam in one go are later called for personal interview.

These are the new and old patterns of Examinations that are evolving in India. This change has some extraordinary benefits for the candidates and for the Government as well. With the new pattern, candidates will have the knowledge about the recent technologies and so on. The change in pattern has helped many aspiring candidates to crack the exams easily. There are thousands of people dream of joining Government and serve the country in a better way, and this change has given wings to their dream for sure.

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