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Ex aide of Lalu Prasad Yadav, Shahabuddin has an FIR filed against him

Jailed Rashtriya Janta Dal leader Mohammad Shahabuddin, who has been lodged in the Siwan jail created news by posting his selfie on social media. The selfie went viral within minutes of it being posted by the Muslim criminal don turned politician aide of Lalu Prasad Yadav.

A First Information Report was filed by an unkown individual with the Muffasil Police Station. People were shocked to see how the criminal was able to use such facilities when he is under arrest and in jail.

Mr. Shahabuddin has been named in over 30 criminal cases of murder and kidnapping. He was released from jail as there has been no progress in the cases lodged against him. The Bihar Govenrment is reluctant to proceed with the cases as Shahabuddin has murdered the witnesses who come forward. Keeping Shahabuddin in jail as an undertrial will allow the Government to keep him behind bars indefinitely till they wish to. This lets them limit his influence and prevents him from spreading terror.

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