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Executive MBA and Immersion programs : An ideal combination for working professionals

Though a one-year program, here’s how Executive MBA from Woxsen School of Business is intensely accelerating the transformation of corporate professionals into managers 

The last decade has witnessed an exponential increase in MBA aspirants and management professionals. Be it fresh graduates or the current crop of corporate workforce, a management degree has gradually become a necessity due to the rising need of skilled professionals that can help scale business growth.

While MBA is certainly a better option for graduates with little or no knowledge of industry management, executive MBA has surfaced as the preferred choice of individuals with prior work experience. Although a one-year course, new B-schools in the country such as Woxsen School of Business offer international immersion programs as a curriculum addendum to accelerate the transformation of corporate professionals into managers and/or entrepreneurs.

Advantages of Immersion programs

Immersion programs as an academic opportunity offer a platform for the students to visit new places, interact with people, understand their perspective of the country’s market, study and participate in new business ecosystems as well as develop an innate understanding of the global business scenario.

As a part of Executive MBA curriculum, these programs majorly focus on developing individual leadership. With students having prior work experience of at least two to three years, immersion programs act as a catalyst in helping them understand the current industry needs while simultaneously preparing them for dynamic challenges of the industry. In addition, these programs upgrade the skills, knowledge, and analytical ability of the student so as to shape them into global business leaders.

Taking this in consideration, new B-schools such as Woxsen School of Business offer their immersion program for students in Germany with the intense approach of imparting quality knowledge in limited time. The Global Immersion program ties in with the intense 1-year executive MBA and adds a flair to the learning – something conventional institutes haven’t progressed upon much.

Global Konnect

Woxsen School of Business has an international immersion program partnership with Mannheim Business School, Germany, which is ranked among the leading B-schools in the world. Since Germany serves as the hub of major engineering companies, students analyze and understand the business environment and proceedings of these companies. Aligned with the global business climate, this exposure plays a crucial role in shaping the perspective of the students that can help meet the future requirements of Indian economy.

Furthermore, students at Woxsen School of Business have an additional option of pursuing short certification courses such as Digital marketing, Six Sigma, Insight Analysis, etc. With the 1-year course structured in eight terms, the future MBA professionals could develop a healthy mixture of business fundamentals as well as core management skills.

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