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Experiential Getaway’s with The Villa Escape and The Backpacker Co by Yogi and Suchna!

The Villa Escape

The Villa Escape curates holiday experiences for like-minded small groups. This is the perfect solution for those who like to think out of the box but do not have the friends or groups who can take time off.

The Villa Escape offers exotic destinations like Chasing the Northern Lights in FinlandVilla Getaways in Tuscanysailing in CroatiaIceland, Mamma Mia Greece, Japan and many more destinations.

These holidays are experiential getaways where the travelers get to feel the local vibe of the destination, take cooking lessons from a local chef, visit markets etc

In addition, they also have a VILLA CONCEIRGE service. Amongst the clutter of information on the internet, The Villa Escape’s experts help locate a villa which matches the clients requirements as well as assist in planning activities, day trips etc

Some of the unique trips offered by The Villa Escape are:

  1. Northern Lights
  2. Tuscany
  3. Sailing trips to Croatia
  4. Single Malt trails to Scotland
  5. Greece
  6. Japan as a local
  7. Cycling holidays
  8.  Iceland
  9.  Oktoberfest Getaways

The USP of The Villa Escape is that they curate exclusive holiday experiences to offbeat and unique locations: for example, if you want to witness the famous Cherry Blossoms in Japan, they pick the ideal places for you to do so or if you wish to visit the iconic but tough Northern Lights in Christmas, they have all the dos and don’ts ready for you & make your trip a smooth one.

They customise the perfect getaway as per their clients’ likes and dislikes. Be it staying in a gorgeous villa full of character, or in a stunning Boutique hotel, they offer the best options to spend a holiday together with friends, family as well as for any occasion like milestone birthdays, anniversaries, reunions etc.

The advantage of having the team of The Villa Escape guide you is that they help you shortlist and select the best villas or boutique hotels, keeping in mind your requirements. Their recommendations are handpicked and have a lot of character apart from the everyday mod-cons.

Their expert team helps you plan your day-to-day activities so that you can make the best itinerary post an in depth analysis of your idea of a holiday.

The Backpacker Co.

Discover a new place. Live your dream. Find a moment that becomes a memory. Find friends in strangers. Find more from your budget. Find the best part of a city on a cycle. Find an unusual drink. Gorge on street food that’s the best food. Find out that being alone isn’t scary after all. Find out that limits only exist in the mind.

The experienced women-only team designs backpacking tours around what you value the most-flexibility, freedom and affordability. They understand that travel is an expression of individuality. Which is why, they hand-craft your trip around your comfort zones and travel style and season it with like-minded experiences for a personalised journey.

You’ll find “real experiences” of the destination (like quirky bars or strange local customs) rather than the one size fits all mass produced packages offered by other operators.

The USP of The Backpacker Co. is that they create backpack travelling with experiences that are unique and unforgettable and more often, hidden from guide books.

Stay in safe, clean, centrally located and interesting boutique hostels. They prioritize each trip with safety, comfort and convenience whether it’s your first solo backpacking trip, a girlfriend getaway, or women alone.

Central locations are preferred to keep you closer to the sights and attractions and give you peace of mind to return at all odd hours, especially if you are women travelling alone. The choice of en suite rooms is according to your comfort which includes dorms that accommodate 6-8 persons or private rooms.

Whether you’re a foodie, serial pubber, party animal, adrenaline junkie or nirvana seeker, every itinerary is planned around fun unlimited. With The Backpacker Co., you may travel to places others have travelled to but you will always come back with different stories that keep your Facebook and Instagram posts spilling, and your friends burning.

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