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Explore Your PNR Status Confirmation Probabilities with #RailYatri

A How – to guide for PNR STATUS CHECK

The waitlist phenomenon has been holding the nerves for the railway passengers and they are often jammed up with such questions – Will I have to cancel my trip? Will I be able to see my family this festival? Shall my travel plans get spolit? How will I take on such an important journey?

While there is an abundance of information available through a plentiful of train travel apps, the challenge is that what can be done to add value to the already available standard information about the PNR and train running status for the convenience of train travellers. Addressing a step ahead to the PNR status enquiry related woes of its travellers,, a leading smart traveller app, resolves the last time hustle of the passengers and offers “Confirmation Probability Status” for their unconfirmed waitlisted ticket! A single – window knowledge gateway for its train travellers, it is essentially a nugget of train travel wisdom.

Here is the step by step guide as How to find the PNR related information through this app:

The Basic PNR Information:

  1. To access the PNR information through RailYatri, download the RailYatri app through Google Play Store on your phone :
  2. Once the app is downloaded, on the side menu of the app click on the “PNR Status” function.

Pnr Screenshot 1

  1. Now enter your PNR number and Click on “Go”.
  1. Within few frames of seconds, you will get the details associated with your current PNR status.

Pnr Screenshot 2

Adding Intelligence to Facts – A Step Ahead Convenience 

  1. Not only this, it will also show the levels /probability of confirmation (low/medium/high) of your waitlisted PNR ticket.

Screenshot_2015-05-08-12-26-58 (1)

  1. What adds weight age to this app is the alert/notification which it provides, when every time it detects a change in the PNR status.

Pnr Screenshot 10


  1. The app auto-tracks your wait listed PNR status and send you push alerts on every status change.

This PNR confirmation probability is a result of blend of information with intelligence which is the thought behind Its intelligence personalisation predicts the probability of your ticket and gives you a meaningful insight about the waitlisted ticket.

Intelligent Information Prediction – The Secret Revealed

This value added confirmation probability feature is an outcome of analysis and estimations based upon the confirmation history of similar tickets in the past.  They perform this analysis by looking and analysing the related ticketing trends in the past and their performances and ensure probability and no guarantee. With this aptitude based approach of prediction about the PNR status, it amazingly relieves the passengers from the trap of getting stuck for the confirmation till the final moment and spares them from continuously checking their PNR status. It smartly brings before you the probable chances of confirmation even when the ticket is waitlisted.

Looking beyond just providing with the basic information, stands alone through its utility value, user friendliness and intelligent personalization in finding out solutions for your PNR status check and train running status enquiries. So de-stress yourself with the comprehensive #RailYatri app, which will support you in every facet of your train travel, and more than anything else  will fetch you with the much needed peace of mind.

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