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F K Awaaz Production Launches a New Era of Cinema!

Opportunity to future with Online Cinema Theater & One-stop Shop F K AWAAZ Productions

Dr. Fasi Khurram is the creator of F K Awaaz Productions, one of the prosperous productions located in Burbank, California, Hyderabad, India, and Dubai, UAE. He recently launched a new virtual Cinema theater movie platform titled, API Theaters (also known as Online Theater Screens) which is a Virtual Cinema Theater website that releases a variety of movies worldwide. Through API Theaters, people can have the movie theater at their homes.

Due to the current crisis (COVID 19), any kind of group gathering is strictly banned, and so is watching movies at the movie theaters. It has been a challenging time for a lot of movies and movie lovers for the past 4 months since movie theaters were a common platform for the film industries to reach the audience.

With API Theaters, it provides movies in all kinds of genres to be screened in many different time zones for people all around the world. The site also provides a variety of choices for films from American movies to Bollywood movies, which enables the audience to satisfy their tastes. It would be fair to say that Online Theater Screens is a timely resolution during this crisis especially for people who want to bring back the theater vibe.

From the start, API Theaters showed a rise in people’s interests all around the world. For the last 30 days, India, Canada, and the U.S. showed the highest visit rates of its official website. Other countries such as Bangladesh, Ireland, and the Netherlands showed considerable interest as well which shows that this new kind of platform is necessary for a new era of cinema.

For the film industries facing the current challenges, API Theaters would act as a bridge between the viewers and the filmmakers. More information can be found at

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