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FabFurnish innovates assembling services along with hassle-free furniture shopping

Now offers free furniture assembling proposition in maximum number of cities


New Delhi, Dec 3, 2014 – How would you feel if you ordered the fanciest of beds but are clueless on how to assemble it? FabFurnish, India’s leading online home store not only comes to your rescue by providing assembling services but does it free of cost. Having a clear edge over its competitors, these services are provided across 24 states in 100+ cities and over 5,500 pin codes, almost 3 times more than what any other competitor provides. Because of the company’s Pan India approach, it will be extended to 200 cities in the next 6 months. All assemblies are scheduled with delivery or within 24 hours of delivery, availability of which can be checked by entering the pin code on the individual product page on the website.

FabFurnish has always maintained an edge when it comes to providing customer satisfaction. While companies like IKEA offer do-it-yourself furniture items which are quite popular abroad, FabFurnish believes that the assembly service is a great value addition in making the process hassle-free. In order to ensure that the quality remains intact, the e-tailer takes charge of training and monitoring all of its assemblers on its own. From providing assistance on any other product at the delivery place to carrying a cleaning device for clearing any unwanted mess, these men in uniform are trained to take care of every minute detail. The firm strictly believes in keeping the customer at ease on every level possible.

Considering they are the biggest success levers in this industry, it is essential to invest heavily on supply chain and operations. Utilizing the latest technology, the e-tailer is moving towards automated appointments for assembly across all the 100 cities. Sitting at the office, every employee can be tracked on map by the assembler. As for the customer, an android application is available to track the service.

Indian roadways and infrastructure are very poor. To avoid damages to the products, an ingénue packaging solution was created, which was to crate the products with a wooden structure. It reduced our transit damages by over 70%. All in all, from the time of the purchase till the final installation, the e-tailer aims to provide a wonderful customer experience by maximizing efficiency and minimizing the selling price.

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