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FabFurnish suggests don’t fry, stir-fry!

New Delhi, September 29 2014 – According to W.H.O, “By 2015, there will be 100% rise in deaths (In India) due to cardiac ailment.” Who is to blame for this? Let’s face it, Indians eat way more fried food than citizens of any other country. This World Heart Day, brings for you healthy cooking ways so you can stay too far away from the deadly diseases. The much-needed changes in your cooking style will transform your wellbeing dramatically.

NonstickPan_Collage_BlogFrying as we know can take a toll on your health; the replacement for it would be the ancient Chinese technique known as stir-frying. It requires less oil but at the same time preserves the color, texture and the nutritious value of the food. If the Chinese healthy way is stir-fry, the French like to Sauté! It is also known as dry-heat cooking. A hot pan, quick immersion of food, and continuous stirring is the key to Sautéing! An important kitchen utensil which can save you from over using oil is non-stick cookware. From utensils like Sauce pan, frying pan and Tawa to tools like Ladle and skimmer, the non-stick range has variety of products available which will make the consumption of oil minimal.

KitchenTools_Collage_BlogOne can associate baking with cakes, brownies and all the sweet delicious somethings. But if done with healthy ingredients and the sugar is watched, dry baking can prove miraculously good. Available in different colors, the baking tools will make the process all the more fun and quite easy.  If we take a step back in the previous century, you would see how oil was not used as often as it is today. Instead, boiling and steaming were the techniques mainly used to cook food. It is now your turn to bring that tradition back as it is one of the healthiest forms of cooking. Switch to vegetable steamer, egg poacher and boiler. Choose to make heart-shaped idlis with the help of the idli maker as it is the lightest of food options. Steam your rice instead of boiling it. These products are also available in fun colors and different styles.

KitchenTools1_Collage_BlogYour technique of cooking the food can have a huge impact on your health. Make sure you make the right choices, after all “you are what you eat”!

Apart from the serious cooking gyaan, here are a few things that should be on your fingertips:
Stop smoking; go for a regular health checkup; avoid eating packaged food; take the stairs; Eat more fish as it is a good source of salmon; use as little salt as you can; and last, don’t take stress and laugh more often!

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