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Fabrics that you should avoid wearing on Diwali

Diwali is a festival of lights, peace, and prosperity. We celebrate the victory of good over evil, and prepare ourselves for fighting against the evil thought inside our minds. And for celebrating this day, we have been bursting crackers since childhood and some of us even enjoy this to the fullest and in fact wait for an entire year for Diwali especially for bursting crackers. However, almost every year we also hear of various incidents of people getting injured due to mal-handling the crackers or not being cautious enough.

Among the multiple factors leading to such fatal incidents, one very important factor is the choice of the fabric of the clothes that we plan to wear. There are a handful of fabrics that readily catch fire and hence are not at all advised to be worn on festivals like Diwali. In this article, we are going to share some of these fabrics/clothes that one mist avoid wearing during this festival:

  1. No synthetics material clothes: Tough we understand that women really are fond of fabrics like chiffon and georgette sarees but please give these a miss on festivals like Diwali. Such fabrics not only catch fire easily but also cling to the body when it burns.
  1. Say a big no to loose-fitting clothes: Loose fitted clothes usually are pretty difficult to manage, especially while bursting crackers or lighting diyas. They tend to easily catch fire it you be even a little careless.
  1. No metal/glass bangles and bracelets: With the festive clothing, we even like to accessorise it with bangles and bracelets. However, these are non-advisable as glass bangles might crack up if they get heated and metal bangles get heated really fast leading to burns or discomfort on the wrist. Hence it is better to keep the wrist free of any such ornaments.
  1. Safety with dupattas and pallus:Duppatas and pallus generally tend to fall off the shoulders and most of the time we don’t realize. But this can be really dangerous if we are standing close to lighted diyas or bursting crackers, as these can easily catch fore if we do not keep an eye
  1. Only soft cotton clothes for kids: The most important ones who should be dressed most carefully are the kids as they have little to no idea about what could lead to such fatal incidents. Hence dress them only in comfortable cotton fabric clothes and always be at their side assisting them and never leave them alone.

We are sure that this article would be informative as well as helpful for you to make the right choice of fabric/clothes for this upcoming Diwali festival. Also, it is always best to avoid bursting crackers because it harms not only the environment but also local animals and people with respiratory issues. It is high time that we realize the harm that these crackers lead to, and just celebrate this festival as it is meant to be – lighting diyas and ensuring that we even light up the darkest area of our heart and brains so that it bring happiness in our lives.


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