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Face of a killer: Police release actual photo of Gauri Lankesh’s killer

In a major breakthrough in the investigations in the murder of senior journalist Gauri Lankesh, the police have managed to find an actual video footage of the suspected killer. A photo from the same has been released so that people can come forward to provide any information that they may have. It may be recalled that just a couple of days back, the police had released sketches of the suspected killers. However, this is the first time that the actual photo of the killer has been released. The photo shows a man riding a bike. He is wearing a helmet. Due to the helmet, only a small portion of his face is visible. However, even this information can be crucial in the investigations. The man appears to be around 6 ft. tall and is likely to be overweight, as the slightly bulging stomach is clearly visible. The man appears to be just like any other common man and there is no indication that he is a killer.

The killer is riding a Bajaj Pulsar bike and wearing gloves in both hands. The original video footage was very grainy, but the police took help from a lab in the United States to enhance the image. The enhanced image has now been released to the public. However, experts said that it may still be difficult to catch the killers, as these people are ghosts. They often live a low-profile life and are called in by powerful forces only when there’s an assignment to be done. However, Karnataka Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy said that the authorities are aware who the person is. But he refused to provide more information, saying that it can affect the ongoing investigations.

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