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Facebook launches two new features; one good, one bad

Facebook has launched two new features, one of which is groundbreaking whereas the other might tend to irritate you. The good feature comes in the form of a new standalone app that will allow users to watch Facebook’s video content on television. People using specialized devices such as Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV and Samsung’s Smart TVs can install the Facebook app to watch Facebook’s user-generated videos directly on their televisions. This would certainly be a great upgrade for most users, especially for watching HD videos. Earlier, Facebook video content was limited to computer screens, which made it a bit less exciting as compared to YouTube videos and traditional television channels. From Facebook’s perspective, it will help the company to increase its advertising revenue and better compete with other video content providers.

The other new feature, which experts are claiming to be bad, is the ‘autoplay sound’, which will automatically play videos with sound in the news feed on mobile devices. In its blog, Facebook has mentioned that a great number of users had recommended the ‘autoplay sound’ feature, which is why it has now been introduced on Facebook. The feature comes with ‘fade’ functionality, which ensures that when a user scrolls down, the sound of the video will mute automatically. There’s also the added feature of dragging the videos to the side, so that one can keep the video and sound running, and also scroll up and down to read the other posts in the newsfeed.

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