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Family Approach to Cope with Young Diabetics

World Diabetes Day is celebrated across the globe in memory of announcement of insulin discovery on that day which has been saving billions of lives since its inception. On this day I would recommend for everyone to inculcate a regular exercise pattern in daily routine, eating healthy diet which is more of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits”, says Dr G V Chanukya, Senior Endocrinologist at Gleneagles Global Hospital.

The primary goals of the treatment for a diabetes patient are to maintain proper metabolic control and to reduce the risks of health complications. Family support can influence the patients’ ability to adjust and live with illness and can benefit patients’ health by cushioning stress, changing affective states, increasing self confidence, and prompting change in negative health behaviors.

Parents and children of all ages with diabetes need support from their doctors, which will help the patients to understand diabetes-management and effective emotional coping. Mores important, according to Dr. G V Chanukya is that in order to manage diabetes effectively, the adolescent patients, parents, and doctors should jointly work out a treatment plan that precisely matches the capabilities of the adolescent.

Family sensitivities have an impact on diabetes management and metabolic control in children and adolescents. Diabetes is a family disease. When Diabetes is detected in a child other family members are also affected. Diabetes is not different from any other chronic disease. But it is totally unique; there is no other chronic illness for which so much of the daily disease management responsibility rests with patients and their families.

Although doctors, dietitians, and experts are important sources of information, expertise, and support, on the daily basis the children’s average levels of blood glucose over the past 3 months also calledhemoglobin A1C results are largely related to how they and their parents manage diabetes in daily life. The family functions have a great impact on managing the diabetes and metabolism of the diabetes patients.  

It is quite difficult to guide adolescent patients to carry out the requirements of effective diabetes self-management meticulously and on daily basis and here the family helps to introduce a sense of self-assurance and skill about the managing the disease.

Dr G V Chanukya, Senior Endocrinologist, Gleneagles Global Hospital feels that  it is essential for doctors to help children suffering for Diabetes and their parents to accomplish logic and balance which will help the patients to have good health without feeling that they have to compromise to have a good life. It is extremely important for parents to help their child to understand the importance of diabetes self-care and also help the child to carry out the appropriate self-care.

Diabetes is complicated disease and requires extremely effective medical management. But along with medicines the young Diabetes patients and their parents also face psychological problems that can be overcome with the help of support groups, camps, lectures, and additional education for both parents and children who have diabetes.

Young and very young Diabetes patients constantly require support from parents and need to make them understand that they as parents understand how difficult it is for the children to mange the diabetes and that the parents appreciate the way the children are handling the condition, medicines and situation. The parents have to be realistic, firm, and supportive, all at once.

The families need to establish themselves in a way that makes young Diabetes patients feel supported in their diabetes management efforts. This supportive family ambiance is essential to achieve best results for the patients.

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