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Fashion Careers: Know the secrets behind the glamour industry

By : Tanya Anand Founder of

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Even if you are someone who never stitched a cloth or sketched a design, there is a career option for you in the fashion industry. Working as a designer can be deemed as one among the obvious pathways you work out as someone with a degree in fashion designing. However, this industry is a vast sphere that holds many more positions for you in terms of career.

Let’s get to know the popular choices for well-paying roles in the fashion industry.

1-Fashion Merchandising:

This is a faction of fashion industry where the design intersects with business. Designers need someone who can get their hard work close to the potential customers via market and sellers. At this position, you can seriously make a decent amount of money especially if you have firsthand knowledge regarding the variety of brands, related marketing strategies, as well as management of customers.

2-Production Management:

This is the frontline of the fashion industry. The production managers hold the responsibility of getting the textiles as well as clothing that are crafted into various designer pieces at manufacturing level. They tend to work with the suppliers as well as retailers in order to ensure the quality of the products is top-notch.


Ever aimed of walking the ramp flaunting those amazingly beautiful designer clothes? As a part of the fashion industry, you can also seek a career as a model for various brands. You can either go for the ramp models that can showcase the latest style and collection every season or become a catalogue model to be a part of the photo shoots that take cover in the front page of the fashion magazines.

4-Public Relations:

PR is an important part of any industry that caters directly to the customers. Essentially, PR serves as the significant middle man that establishes a promotional connection between the product and the consumer or retailer. PR representatives are charged with establishing a positive brand image to make them seem more appealing.

5-Styling/Visual Presentation:

These two career options in the fashion industry are separate yet overlapping professions. When it comes to styling, networking with popular brands in the fashion industry while creating a fashionable image, is what this position requires. As a visual presenter, you act as a storyteller that works in three different dimensions creating an environment that informs, inspires, and even persuades the potential customers.

The fashion industry is a vast platform with many potential for the young generation in terms of career. So if you are someone who is fascinated by the glamour and charm of the fashion industry, make sure you dedicate yourself to establish a secured position with good earning.

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