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After reading the title, you must be eager to know what kind of start it will be of this feature. As introductions have always made me feel nervous for they lead to impressions. So, let’s just put it like this:-

                            “LIFE is a RACE, if you don’t run fast,
                               U will be a broken undaaa….…!”

Today’s supersonic generation have taken this movie dialogue very seriously actually. I mean it’s good to have competitive spirit, cut-throat competition in life for ambitions, goals, and dreams but don’t you think that moving too fast in real life races can prove to be treacherous??

Now –a–days this velocious world of internet and web can make anyone agile. But this fastest velocity of life may take one’s life into a precarious situation too. Well, according to me, “there is a right time for every right thing to do in life”. This generation wants everything INSTANTLY or even before timein their own style. They act first, think later. Today’s teens and children wake up through a whatsapp text and sleep chatting on social networking sites. These days people are so much surrounded by web that their life almost revolve around ‘LOADING’ and ‘UPLOADING’ images , statuses and sharing it every now and then …but do you’ve ever thought ,“what’s going away from them amidst”???  Well, that is our “MORAL VALUES”.There are certain beliefs which need to be follow by this generation and infact next one after the other too. It’s tremendously good to do things or qualify something at younger age but when it comes to other things like relationships, alcohol, sex etc. These days youngsters found discussing break- ups, patch ups &latestlink -ups their lives around. Most of the time I observe young boys and girls who are infact 7th or 8th class students stressed out and tensed for their relationships not for their career. It’s not morally right basically. Relationships are something in which two matured person take their life’s decision spending together. But now-a-days they made promises at so early age then it won’t be able to sustain and after that, insecurities, jealousy, misunderstandings make larger space and a REGRET later take a shape ofCRIME. DID you hear me..?? Yes…CRIME! They doesn’t think twice before taking a step, either in spending money or in any kind of life’s decision. They give expensive gifts, go on date in ravacious restaurents and spent their parent’s money on unnecessary needs. They’re exacerbating themselves in this baloney ofthese unwanted needs. Many reality shows showing cases on crimes related to web and most of them are related to this –gen only.Why do youngsters are presently so precocious and are heedless towards values & principles of life??

Actually, the answer of this question is ,this new-gen lives in a trend of fashion, lifestyle, technology so they’ve got quite accustomed to it , the thirst of change and get things beforehand is something that this-gen is very prone to. I as a writer is also a part of today’s generation so I would conclude it by conveying a message to readers that VALUES AND BELIEFS are inside us, WE need to understand ourselves that what next we goanna do might can take us to even worse situation . Therefore, we should try to follow and respect what are cultures and moral values are all about.

By: Komal nathani

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