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Fastrack and Coca-Cola become “Awesome Together”; introduces a range of Stunning watches

Two iconic youth brands come together for an Epic Collaboration

National, 8th October, 2021: Fastrack, India’s leading youth accessories brand has joined hands with CocaColafor an epic collaboration. Fastrack has introduced‘Awesome Together’with a digital campaign that unveiled a range of ubercoolwatches for the Gen-Z with interesting teasers and videos.

Fastrack has taken a quirky approach to announcing the Fastrack |Coca-Cola collaboration to engage with its audiences. The‘Awesome Together’campaign celebrates the inimitable spirit of the two iconic youth brands and brings together a fizzy concoction, taking the cool quotient up a notch. By crafting these unique timepieces, the brand wants to evoke feelings of Love and free- spiritedness with our young audience who embody those virtues like nobody else. The range flaunts clean minimal designs, quirky, joyful little elements on the dial and bold pops of colour and starts at just Rs 1895/-

Mr. Ajay Maurya, Marketing Head, Fastrack commented on the collaboration, We are thrilled to be introducing yet another innovative and unconventional collaboration with an effervescent brand like Coca-Cola. The idea for this campaign stems from the thought – We live in a time where the potential of coming together has never been greater. While we can forge great things alone, working with the right partner can truly turn great into something truly special. The youth focused brands have been bringing the GenZ together over the years and with times getting better we are celebrating the burst of optimism with our campaign highlighting #AwesomeTogether. It gives a reason to the youth to keep fuelling ideas and build an inclusive mind-set just like Fastrack and Coke. ”

The digital campaign waskick-startedwith teasers on epic collaboration viastories on Instagram, followed by a very Fastrack approach of introducingthe collaboration with ‘Breaking Hearts posts’. This wasfollowed by revealing the #AwesomeTogether campaign and the watches with a series of short videos, each with a different vibe and personality. The brand has an AR Filteron Instagram to engage with the audiences to understand ‘How much Coke/Fastrackyou have in you?’With many contests on social media and store based activations, there is ample chance to get your hands on some goodies from this exciting collection.

The collaboration also brings fresh new offeringsfor the youngsters, enabling them to get their hands on the best of both brands in the form of one product range. Fastrack has introduced nine watches in the signature Coca-Cola colours, inspired from the various design elements of the coolest beverage in town.  The products are peppy, with innovative design in black and red colours and stylish straps that give a chic and fashionable look at accessible prices while reflectinghow new connections and multiplicity of ideas are awesome together.

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