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Father-in-law makes pornographic video of son and daughter-in-law; demands talaaq

In a development that highlights the deteriorating state of family relations in the country, a 28-year old married woman has alleged that his father-in-law has made pornographic video of her and his son through a hidden camera installed in the bedroom. The case of making the blue film / mms occurred in Bijalpur area of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The woman has alleged that after recording the obscene mms, her father-in-law started blackmailing her to get talaaq (divorce). As per police records, the woman’s marriage was held on March 20, 2016. The woman has alleged that soon after she shifted to her husband’s house, the family members started troubling her.


The victim has alleged that the father-in-law crossed all limits when he stopped the couple from even closing the door of the bedroom. The father-in-law threatened the woman that if she does not seek divorce, he will upload the blue film on porn websites. The woman has said that her father-in-law runs the business of mobile tower and software, so he has good knowledge of technology. She also said that her father-in-law has political connections. The father-in-law has also threatened her against complaining to police by saying that he would easily be released due to his political connections. He then said that when he is released he would make life miserable for her. Meanwhile, the police officials have ordered an enquiry and are planning to take strict action against the father-in-law.

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