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Here comes the government…. promising an era of “ache din.” Look at what they are doing or what should I say what they are buzzing FDI (fastly deviating India). I think FDI is not only correctly pronounced at the various podium by any of our leaders, but it has been wrongly interpreted, subsidized, and presented in India. It has now become a magical whip for the government.

Many will think I am too pessimistic (of course I am ) they will say look  at the huge pile of money (though lesser than A. raja collection) with thousand and lacs OF crores and it will whoopingly transform the poverty-stricken mass (nearly half of stretching hands for money with an emotional pleading rise in India) also the government which is always an overly stricken by fiscal deficit…!!!! OMG!!! Hear for the government. Also that they say would invest in our life to reach a growing tracked and HAPPY  (even Indian are so less demanding ‘ happy’ is enough to reach their ultimate demand for satisfaction.

So the ‘ BRHMASTRA ‘ appears it calls the foreign investor to improve our life, give us money. Invest the technology and what we offer are the buyers, the labor, and the land. Everybody will say what the problem is, it is a mutual relation of buyers and sellers, obviously the basic rule of marketing also loudly depicts it. So where is the problem everything is fine and charming on this lovely day!!!. BUT what I think is why do we require the intruders to save our life for e.g. for once review your daily activity from morning to night and list down all the companies for the products you use and list down the countries from where they emerged i am  sure you would be astonished   to find our country among them !!!!!.. ya that’s true NO or very little companies exist which have been emerged in India, that’s true and what I think the basic reason is the FDI . with the evolution of time we have depended enormously on these outsider company that we rarely accept the product by Indian company . also thanks to our current demotivating, unsupported growing environment that slaps ad back-stabs to our talent openly.

 Moreover, what is more funny is that most of the CEO’s and MD’s got their education in this country, but they were slapped by our culture and moved to outside and in spite of investing in other countries and earn a amount we are being slaved by them

 By: Nikunj Garg, 

PGDIE-49, NITIE, Mumbai


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